Aspergers from Neanderthals?
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In The Naked Archeologist hosted by Simcha Jacobovici on History International
The Giants of Genesis season 2 episode 6

Aired on Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 6:30pm ET

In Genesis 6:4 of the Old Testament it says: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the 'sons of God' came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Who are these giants that the bible speaks about? From Goliath of Gath to the mighty King Og, this episode journeys through the archaeology that could explain who these other beings could have been.

They found half-breeds in the tombs around Gath -- half Sapiens and half Neanderthals.  The Neanderthals were the "others" that was mistranslated into "gods."  In Hebrew, the words are very similar due to a lack of vowels.

In May, 2010 scientists mapped out 1/3 of the Neanderthal DNA and found people having a mixture of Neanderthal and Sapiens DNA.  Here's an article on it in National Geographic.  They have taken blood samples all around the world to analyze their DNA.

Yes, Neanderthals and Sapiens interbred.  Yes, we all have a greater or lesser amounts of Neanderthal blood in us, except for some Africans who are pure Sapiens.  There are no pure Neanderthals in the world.  For some reason Neanderthal genes are in the minority in our society.  The majority Sapiens call themselves "normal" and call higher percentage Neanderthal people all sorts of names. Unconscious racial chauvinism.

The more Neanderthal genes a person has, the bigger the brain pan (& larger brain), heavier bones, stronger, higher voice, quieter, slightly larger eyebrow ridge, and clumsier.  In being around these people a lot (as an Aspergers), I can say the mental difference is that we never stop thinking like animals.  We see and smell scents better.  We can only have one object of focus at a time and need quiet.  If we are given the quiet and freedom to explore a certain topic, we will be very creative.  Bill Gates and Albert Einstein both have Aspergers.

However, we live in a Sapiens-majority world.  They can get into an empathy loop with others through chit-chat. They use allusions, innuendos, and body language for communication -- which we can't use.  They handle multiple objects of focus and can cut out those things they don't want to focus on -- which we can't do. They can operate together as a single mental unit better than we can.  They can do these things better than us and judge everyone around them based on these things.

We have been conditioned to avoid our Neanderthal ways of thinking and deny their existence in us.  This leads to a shame-based, stressful life.  This often leads to mind-altering drugs to relieve the stress and shame.  People who are majority Neanderthal don't want to identify with being that way because they have been taught that it's wrong.  When I bring it up to someone who is majority Neanderthal, they will commonly assume I'm calling them stupid or run away.  Recently this is changing.

The government and the drug companies are spending LOTS of money to confuse us with the poor people with autism, so they can say they don't know what causes autism.  However autistic people can be cured by chelating the heavy metals out of their cells.  Our condition is obviously hereditary.

Here's the latest on the Neandertal genome project discoveries.

Research has shown that Neandertals ate 80% meat and 20% plant.  This makes sense to us Aspergers, even though we only have around 4% Neandertal genes.  Vegetarianism just doesn't work without adding meat.

edited: April 19, 2017