Bad Medicine for Disease
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Bad Medicine for disease

The Marxists want to lord it over the proletariat (us) by rationing out medical care. Silver reportedly heals a large number of diseases that you would normally have to go to the doctor to cure. Thus silver is enemy #1 for the Marxists. The Marxists in England have already banned making suspended silver, to keep everyone half-sick and to force everyone to submit to their government authorized doctor/commissar. President Obama wanted to do the same to us in America with his "Health care" bill. The IRS which is run by the leftists would decide who among the sick can live or die. The American version of the Hippocratic Oath allows for medical murder and abortion. Don't go to a hospice!

The assistant Director of the Centers for Disease Control says we have come to the end of antibiotics, period.

MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is killing people in the hospitals because all antibiotics are against it up to methicillin don't work against it. Vancomycin-Resistant Staph aureus (VRSA) has defeated one of the last, strongest antibiotics, Vancomycin. It also defeats Daptomycin. Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) are  bacteria that are nearly resistant to the carbapenem class of antibiotics, currently considered the "drug of last resort" for such infections. Nothing is left but death. Silver and Christian prayer are effective against all of them. Here's an outfit that is selling nanosilver as the only resort: The healing gifts of the Holy Spirit are available to those who ask, seek and knock for God to give the Holy Spirit and His gifts.

Another reason is "MRSA/USA300." It is an antibiotic resistant staph bacteria that eats lungs and is on the loose in the gay communities before 2002. It has a 50% fatality rate and is very contagious. It has since run around the world, from bath house to bath house. It has become an embarrassment in the Muslim society, since homosex is officially banned by Islam. The MRSA/USA300 evolved in the Castro community in San Francisco - a gay community. They say they don't know why it is hitting males 16 times harder.

This thing is a lung-eating bacteria as well as a flesh-eating bacteria. It attacks the lungs and causes the victim to cough, spreading it in the air to anyone who is nearby. That makes it a risk for groups who work close to each other. It seems to drill through skin, looking like spider bites in the beginning. Silver is the only bullet that can kill it and prevent it!

In 2014, a new Ebola strain started up in three different areas simultaneously in western Africa and spread far more rapidly than all the other Ebola strains of the past. Vaccines had been invented and were held in cryogenic refrigerators for an emergency.  The U.S. government pretended they didn't exist and vaccines had to be made from scratch.  Western Africans from these areas were allowed to come to America, even if they had a temperature and mingle freely in American communities.  Americans started to catch it (as was planned). American Christian prayer stopped the epidemic, despite the leftist government's wishes.  In Sierra Leone, the epidemic was stopped by distributing "nano silver." Nigeria was interested, so America had to give away the antibiotics they had withheld to that time. The American news media were not allowed to publish this, under threat of having all their assets confiscated by the IRS.  ALLAFRICA.COM  and EN.STARAFRICA.COM published it because the IRS couldn't threaten news media in foreign countries.

Silver ownership will be outlawed in the future, as the price takes off for the moon. Right now silver's price is drastically suppressed by brokerages selling silver promissory notes that will be repudiated on bankruptcy. The IRS is taxing profits from these pieces of paper much lower than profits from the actual silver metal. The banks "own" silver metal. They lease out their silver to another bank that claims it as their own and lease it out to another bank, etc. This Merry Go Round is done thousands of times to create a huge amount of fraudulent silver metal certificates on the books. The strategic reserves have been emptied of silver, so when the next crisis hits, they will "just have to" confiscate all silver from the citizens. The banks will "bankrupt" and all assets will be transferred to dummy banks that will 'come alive' with the same buildings and personnel - and no debts. The silver certificates will be repudiated. They will own everything in the 'safe' deposit boxes. The billionaire Marxists have shipped tons of metal silver to Lloyds of London in England. Stockpiling pure silver wire will be absolutely imperative now, while the "getting is good."

At that point, making silver colloid would be an admission of guilt of owning silver. Buying pure silver would be impossible, unless you live near Canada or Mexico. Why would they do that? They are afraid the bacteria and viruses will gain an immunity to silver before they take over the world and have wiped out all the "useless mouths" (67% of the world population). Silver's medicinal properties have been used for thousands of years.

Dr.Arjun Srinivasan, the associate director of the CDC announced we are coming to the end of the antibiotics age.

edited:  April 21, 2017