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Booklets are handy to carry and hand out for Christians to use.  No batteries, cell phones or computers needed. The first major time they were used was in defeating Quimbanda and Macumba priests in Codo, Brazil by young missionaries who didn't know deliverance.

They are in Microsoft Publisher 2000 format so they aren't easily printed off.    I have directions for those who do print them off.

They can be copied on a printer that handles 8.5 X 14 inch paper.  You can figure out how to cut them and fold them from the original.

The Revival Prayer file was used twice in Uganda to get God to start revivals both times.  The booklet in .pub is here.

The Social Circle Prayer  file is simply defending yourself, praying for your persecutors and praying for those contaminating your environment with demons.  The booklet in .pub is here. The booklet in PDF, it is here

The Healing of Traumas file is a partial healing of PTSD, to heal the resulting addictions, reactions, depression, phobias, etc. The booklet in .pub is here.

The Praying for Christianity file is just that. Jesus prayed for all Christians, therefore, so should we.  The booklet in .pub is here.

The Prayer for the World file fulfills what Jesus told us to do in the Lord's Prayer.  The booklet in .pub is here.

edited: April 21, 2017