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A 'Churchian' is a person whose highest object of devotion is the church -- the society, the traditions, the buildings, the activities, not the Trinity. They are unwittingly being idolatrous. They give lip-service to the Trinity, but they assume it is just an irrelevant fiction. They assume everyone else is pretending like themselves... "Faith is believing what you know ain't so." 

They keep it up because:
1. their parents make them or they do it for their parents
2. they want the positive morals to rub off on their kids
3. They have been traumatized, don't trust God the Father but need a safe environment
4. They have moral reservations about "brother Jesus."
5.  it's a good, respectable career

When I have spoken to Churchians, after a while they finally understand that I am being honest and sincere about my faith in Jesus and my using the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. I actually believe it. And I am not stupid and gullible. I'm not crazy. And I am not promoting it, just to gain a following or money.

Various approaches to reach these people:  
1. Have an open forum where they can bring up doubts 'they have heard', so their questions can be answered without embarrassment.
2. Testimonies by congregation members about the power of God.  
3. Talk to them about Jesus privately and away from the church property.  
4. Hold an Alpha course where unbelievers bring up the questions they themselves have.

That doesn't mean they will adopt a new, more honest faith. Jesus Christ and some of the apostles were killed by Jewish Churchians. God sometimes must destroy what He had in a prior generation built, to stop idolatry. When they have nowhere else to turn and return to God, He will restore them.

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, ... how often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!" Matt. 23:37

edited:  April 21, 2017