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We need to look at "church" with a more careful eye.  Some models are fruitful; some aren't.  Some models are empowering; some aren't.  We are in a time when church persecution is becoming more overt.  Churches will not get the support of the secular society to survive.  Christians need to get aboard the churches that will not only be faithful but will thrive.

The church of the Bible -- really strange

How to bless a church for the service

Videos about Home Churches.

The traditional, classic church.

The "clergy" problem of the classic "church."

The "laity" problem of the classic "church."

The Celtic church of Saint Patrick and Columba in Ireland.

Celtic Church books

The sub-church of Rev. John Wesley that became a thriving denomination.

Pastor Jose Bosque's understanding of "church."

The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry

Videos about Small Groups.

Five-fold Ministry within the church