Small Group Sins
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The following is a book review of The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry by Bill Donahue and Russ Robinson

The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry

#1 sin:  Unclear Ministry Objectives 
There needs to be a general structure and strategy for your situation and implement it.  Forget the fact that the denomination wants numbers!

#2 sin:  Lack of Point Leadership 
Sometimes you can get a leader who has a "fire in the belly" for the mission of small groups; sometimes you decide on the mission and appoint a person to champion that mission.

#3 sin:  Poor Coaching Structures 
The point leader needs to build a coaching structure where every leader receives consistent coaching and encouragement.

#4 sin:  Neglect of Ongoing Leadership Development 
The church needs a leadership development mission and program to identify, equip and send out leaders.

#5 sin:  Closed Group Mindset 
Each group needs an apprentice leader and an open season on new members.  When it gets too big, the new group is birthed with the apprentice becoming the leader.

#6 sin:  Narrow Definition of Small Groups 
There needs to be variation in the kinds of groups and where they are fishing for new members.

#7 sin:  Neglect of Assimilation Process 
There needs to be a process for connecting the unconnected -- and following up on them.

For more information ... read the book!        April 21, 2017         Tim Temple