Clear and present danger
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Clear and present danger

In February something was going down.  We didn't know what or how big.  From intercession by Christians, that time has been postponed.  This is a time when you need to buy supplies for potential bad times to come.  And PRAY for the Kingdom of God and whatever nation you live in.

You use and therefore need water, food, light, heating, sanitary services, communications, home defense, transportation, medical supplies and know how.

For water, you need storage containers and water purifiers. 20 gallons per person per week would do you unless you use it to flush toilets!

For food, get canned, jarred or dried food.  Get multivitamin pills to make up for what you didn't get.  Have a means to kill a squirrel or a cat for dinner.

for light, get flashlights, candles, 12-volt lights & lots of batteries.  Bring the car battery in.

For heating, get a camping stove and lots of its kind of fuel.  Learn to make & use a rocket stove so you can make efficient use of kindling.

For sanitary services, have a lot of trash bags, cleaner, sponges and buckets.  The buckets can be used to flush the toilet. Get extra underwear, socks and gloves.

For communications, have arrangements with your neighbors to help each other.  CB radio can be used for emergencies.  Cell phones should be kept in aluminum foil unless you need it.  It can be used against you.

For home defense, get a dog, brace the front door, get a low voltage light for the front door, put plywood with holes in it over the windows, make a pepper spray bottle with habanero peppers.  Carry at least a knife when away from the house. 

Have a hidden safe for real valuables like a gun, cash, coins, cigarette packs and liquor flasks. An obvious safe full of rocks is a good idea.

For transportation, go as a group.  Avoid check points. Have bicycles for everyone.

For medical supplies, have a large first aid kit and good first aid book and disinfectant.  Get latex gloves, eye protection and filter masks.  Learn to make silver colloid as a replacement for antibiotics.

Most medical books assume you are five minutes away from an ambulance that will carry you to an Emergency Room - useless.  "Medicine For Outdoors" is pretty good.