Emergency situations
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potential epidemic and pandemic news

What happens if a pandemic strikes?  Ebola has been genetically modified to be four times as dangerous.  The H1N1 influenza has been genetically modified to ignore all vaccines.  Tuberculosis has been genetically modified to ignore all vaccines. The American Marxists have quietly made underground "bomb shelters" for the future with supplies for months. They just assume Christians don't know how to use the power of God to stop the bugs.

The following is true for any regional emergency.  These are South Dakota Extension Service publications.

What do you do for food & water?

What do you do for utilities?

What can you do as a neighborhood or community?

Family meetings for the emergency.

Saving up for emergencies. (see also http://fyi.uwex.edu/news/2009/08/18/emergency-savings-key-to-financial-security/ )

For pandemic diseases in your neighborhood, read my webpages on how to stop them.

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