Financial Planning
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five-part financial plan:

  1. Think long-term with goals and investing
    1. What you are not recompensed on earth you will be recompensed in heaven
    2. Let God be your financial advisor; let the peace of Christ rule in your financial decisions
    3. Diversify beyond stocks, sectors, bonds and treasury bills
  2. Spend less than you earn
    1. Don't let money rule you
    2. Don't let spending be an addiction
  3. Maintain liquidity (or emergency savings)
    1. bank deposits
    2. cash
    3. precious metals
    4. long shelf life food
  4. Minimize the use of debt
    1. Owe no one anything but love for one another.
    2. Don't be slave to anyone but God.
  5. Give to the needy
    1. God will return to us what we give to those truly in need
    2. Get divine guidance before you even give.