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Medicine and Satan

Who would have thought that Satan, the most treacherous being on the planet, would take over the healing art of medicine and use it as a weapon of mass destruction?  But we have the divine gifts of healings.  But praying for healing of someone's body is not the same thing as rebuking poisons in a person's body.  We have been given promises to be able to do each.  But the promises require our effort to work.  "We have not because we ask not" in many areas.

Vaccines are unsafe and haven't been effective in many cases. We are entering the post-antibiotic age.  Christian prayer is a big answer for these; most Christians need to pray for the gifts of diseases.  We need to use vitamin C maximal dose therapy (Robert Cathcart MD site tells all about it), use electric voltage to neutralize any bacterial necrosing toxins, and I doubt they ever considered colloidal silver or hyperbaric chamber therapy.  

The structure of the plague bacterium is such that the toxin is contained in a vacuole inside the bacteria. Using a bacteria killing antibiotic releases this toxin. The Proper use of a Bacteria-stat allows the body to more slowly kill the bacteria and allows our bodies to slowly detoxify the toxin. Typically, they use Streptomycin type bacteriacides which kill the bacteria all at once and IMHO causes amputations.

For the Black plague, exercising the extremities in hot water (hot as the patient can stand it) several times (at least) a day helps to both promote blood circulation and kill the infection. I remember reading about a doctor whose badly infected hand was saved in his youth this way. In his book he said the neighbors could hear his screams (from the hot water) at the end of the block. Modern anesthesia could I presume solve the pain problem.

A lot of the vaccines are live, partially damaged diseases that still have effect to various levels in people's bodies.  Some of them include the viruses of the animals they were cultured in.  Here's a site that details some of the side effects.

Aluminum is added to many vaccines as an "adjuvant".  That means it heightens a person's immune response, which must be good.  Not necessarily. The common factor in Alzheimers patients is a high level of aluminum in their brains.  Aluminum is also a neurotoxin.

Ethyl mercury is still added to four vaccines in America and many more in other countries as a disinfectant for when a needle is repeatedly pushed through the rubber seal on a bottle of vaccine for multiple vaccinations.  Mercury is the most powerful neurotoxin we know of.  It is the most powerful poison second only to cobalt 60. It is all around us, causing many common fatal illnesses.  Here's a typical account.

Vaccine antibodies can be overdone and no one checks to see if you have too much.  Alloimmune diseases are caused by excess antibodies looking for the molecular string of a disease and, not finding those, attacking something similar in one of the legitimate cells.  Autoimmune diseases are caused by vaccines training the body's T-cells to attack a molecular flag that one of the legitimate organ cells uses.  Permanent sterilization has been done by vaccinating the defense system to attack the sex organs.  Pray for God to give you the gift of straightening out the coding of the T-cells.

The Gulf War syndrome is directly related to the battery of vaccines given before the American troops went overseas.  The other troops didn't have the vaccinations and never got Gulf War Syndrome.

The National Institutes of Health is calling for reduction of mercury in vaccines in response to the popularity going against mercury in vaccinations.  Previously, they were promoting the harmlessness of mercury.

There is a trend for those who have a lot of amalgam (50% mercury) fillings for their general health to degrade.  When the fillings break out the tooth, crowns of dissimilar metal are used.  They can cause electrolysis if they are in contact with a filling, greatly increasing the amount of mercury ions entering the digestive system.  The FDA is starting to question the safety of amalgam fillings.

There are numerous poisons that the medical establishment are not looking at that cause most of the Developmental, Cognitive & Behavioral Effects we suffer from.  The doctors are treating the symptoms.


Here's the start of a vaccine-free movement.  Their children are healthier than the normal, vaccinated children.

Here's the start of banning mercury from tooth fillings!

A good book: Money Driven Medicine

Here's an organization that is carrying on the battle: The Bolen Report