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Vampires and Werewolves

Satan is pushing these two phenomena heavily through Hollywood right now.  The phenomena are hyped way beyond reality.

Vampires are blood suckers, this is true.  But they aren't immortal and they don't reincarnate.  They have organizations, but they aren't organized anywhere near the mafia.  Sometimes they can have superhuman strength, but usually they don't.

The real vampire is a demon that's in a normal human being.  The demonized human has an obsession to drink blood.  Usually they will start with their own blood.  They may shift over to animal blood.  They often get into a group that drink each other's blood.  But the demonic compulsion ultimately isn't satisfied until the human is drinking the blood of an innocent victim.  The demon does reincarnate -- from one human to the next.  Demons can cause our bodies to exhibit the strength of ten men, but our body is not under our control when that happens.

Demons are always subject to the authority of the Holy Spirit of God who dwells in every Christian.  When any of us Christians order the demons to leave or be silent, the human is not under the compulsion.  But unless they confess the practice as sin and renounce it, the demons can and eventually will come back.

Were-creatures are humans who have demons that give other people the illusion they are animals of some kind.  The demons can give wounds to these people.  The demonized humans have the strength of ten men, but once again it is not the humans' personality that is in control. 

This phenomenon has its roots in shamanism where people call demons into themselves to empower their souls.  Usually these demons that are called take on the guise of animals.  The humans can totally identify with the so-called animals.

Real animals can be infested with demons and act under the intelligent influence of these demons.  These demonized animals can spy on people or even attack people with demonic strength.  This is the other side of the phenomenon.

In both cases, the demons infesting these people and animals can be ordered to leave or be silent by any Christian.  That cleans up the animals.  If the human invited the demons in, the demons must be renounced to keep them away.  Becoming a Christian is necessary so you have the authority to deal with any return of these demons.