Imported Muslim Nukes
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Imported Muslim Nukes

America's Marxist/Muslim President has found someone who wishes death to America and wants to build tactical Nuclear weapons.  America's president has given Iran to make nuclear weapons, so long as he doesn't see them do it.  He will refuse to see them.  This same president is leaving the American border from Mexico unguarded for anyone to come through with anything.

The Iranian fanatics are probably aware of  the Chinese atomic bomb rocket that is designed to be carried in the field by soldiers.  When the Army runs into a stronghold, these soldiers would set up the rocket on a tripod, dig a trench, fire off the rocket and jump into the trench to avoid the blast wave.  The explosive yield would be about 100 tons of TNT. 

Once in America, they can each be taken to target American cities and used to completely blow up the downtowns. Radioactive fallout would be all over the blast sites.

Praise God! He has a way to make the atomic bombs fail.  I can't tell you what He has shown me. But He who neutralized the weaponized Ebola plague will also neutralize these bombs. Keep praying to Jesus.


edited: April 21, 2017