Anti Christian Times
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To reverse this process, we need to pray for our nation and the world. We are responsible to pray for them.

In the persecuted church there are government agents and  compromised Christians in meetings who will try to find out information that can be used to harm the cause of Christ.  Unfortunately, we have given away LOTS of information about ourselves through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Discus, Google, Yahoo, etc. This will come back to haunt us.  The FBI and IRS know a lot about us.  They have pinhole cameras and facial identification software.  The "smart" phones are never 'off' unless they are wrapped in aluminum or the batteries are removed.  And they can give a history of where you have been.  Revelations 13:7 says that it is permitted for the beast to make war on the saints and conquer them.  But not all of us.

Silence is important in the underground church. Speak little with great weight. Think about the possible harm before you speak.  Don't even trust your wife.  Use nicknames.  The people in the Bible did.

Not the slightest quarrel is permitted in the underground church.  Christians are apt to angrily say things that expose too much information.  That can lead to beatings, torture and perhaps death to others.  Accusations and counter-accusations are fodder for an informer.

Prison Preparation
Prepare ahead of time for prison.  Everything will be stripped from you.  You must renounce the pleasures of life ahead of time, before you lose them.  Colossians 3 speaks of mortifying your old nature.  We can go without them.  Beatings can be endured; Jesus our Lord was beaten.  Don't worry about tomorrow; let tomorrow  take care of itself.  Live one day at a time, even one minute at a time if necessary.

Use the breath technique.  Breathe quietly, rhythmically and deeply - it quiets your soul.  Breathe out your old sins and attitudes.  Breathe in the Holy Spirit.

Brain Washing
Televisions and radios are used to brain wash.  All the news and entertainment channels will say the same politically correct nonsense when times of hardship come.  Thumb drives are valuable ways of passing truth among a group.

In prison, they force you to stay seated for 17 hours a day, hearing propaganda repeated in a loop.  You aren't allowed to close your eyes.  This goes on for weeks & months without interruption.

Jesus has an answer to this -- heart washing.  Blessed are the Pure in Heart.  Stephen in the crowd said, "I see Jesus at the right hand of the Father."  He overlooked the crowd.  Change the repeated words to truth.  For the words, "God is dead," just automatically repeat back, "Christ is alive!"  We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.  Look for them.  Feel their presence.

Torture can either harden you or break you.  In the beginning, it is a shock.  As it continues, there comes a moment where you become absolutely indifferent to everything.  This is the moment the torturer waits for.  Nothing counts anymore.  Your life doesn't count anymore.  BUT - having pain doesn't count anymore!  With that, you have overcome the crisis.  Success!  The torturer knows in that moment he has lost.  If they leave signs of torture on your body, they will kill you eventually.  Graduation Day!

Solitary Confinement
The big problem is how to fill out the time of solitary confinement, how to avoid going mad.  Be up at night to pray in a vigil.  In your mind, travel to towns around the world and pray as you go.  Some people are rejoicing.  Rejoice with them.  Compose poems, sermons, books, jokes, etc.  Make a chess set.  Repeat the Bible verses you have memorized. 

Our Christian frame of mind
Doubts make you a potential traitor when tortured.  You belong to the body of Christ.  It has been flogged, beaten and tortured through the centuries.  These Christians have died in Christ and are watching you.  You must believe with NO doubt. Memorize as much of the Bible as you can.  Jesus told us to hate father, mother and sister and to love Christ.  This is critical in persecution.  Everything is either black or white - the Bible has no word for gray.

Slave Labor Camps
There is a saying: 'Don't trust, don't fear, don't ask'.  'Don't believe,' because everything there is not what it seems. As a rule you should not trust anyone, because all too often you are deceived. Pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and only trust His guidance.  'Don't fear' is also important, because showing your weakness to both inmates and the camp administration may have sad consequences. You are already dead to this world. Command any spirits of fear to leave and pray for power, love and a sound mind.  And 'don't ask', because it is very important that people around you know there are others waiting for you, supporting you, sending you things. That gives you a certain authority, which is important and makes life easier. Pray for your daily bread and for health.  Deliverance, prayer and blessing is important for everyone in the camp - and for the camp as a whole.

You must stick to the rules, no matter how stupid they may be. You must always remember that the main goal is to get out, as soon as possible with your faith intact.  Jesus wants us to obey the authorities He has put over us - unless they contradict Him.

Your chances of surviving your stay is low.  The Marxists and world domination organizations consider the world overpopulated right now.  Hitler and Stalin showed how to kill masses of people in camps.  Again, consider yourself dead to this world.

One of the challenges is to stay healthy and not fall ill. It is a difficult task; due to bad food, cold and stress, and  many inmates have one or more diseases.  Pray for the healing gifts of the Holy Spirit and pray for those around you.

Barbed wire has been replaced with razor wire. You can't fight your way through it and live.  Razor wire's vulnerability is the tie wire holding it to the stakes.  If you have time and privacy, you can carefully reach through and untie the tie wire.  A little bit of wire or a coin helps.   Later, come back with a long stick and lift the coils to let people under them.  Since the coils are stacked only three high, some people can pole vault over them.  The coils on top of cyclone fencing is usually being watched.

Wilderness Survival
If the Lord has called you to do so, you can pray that He would make you invisible to your enemies.  Ask that anyone who comes against you would be frozen on the spot.  Offer deliverance, prayer and blessing for anyone that might persecute you in case they are using witchcraft to locate you.  But again, he may ask you to be a martyr for a greater reward in heaven.

The two big advantages the government has against you is FLIR heat scopes and drones.  For FLIR's, you need space blankets or tarps with aluminum on one side with a camouflage pattern.  Window reflectorized tinting also works. Without the camouflage pattern, hold them flat at a 45 degree angle from the killers. A handheld starlight scope would be of great value.   They will probably use cheap drones they can make in abundance.  Listen for a hum like a dragon fly.  The bigger ones sound like a distant lawn mower in the air.  Hold a space blanket overhead and run away from the campfire.  Bounty hunters would also have FLIR scopes on their helmets. A tactical flashlight of at least 800 lumens can jam out the FLIR scope if you have only one hunter after you.  They also would have IFF tags to keep from being killed by their own drones.

They have tested out spraying clear goo that is contaminated with a mild virus in a remote, forested town by helicopter and come to town to secretly see the results.  Only the curious who touched the goo hanging in the branches came down with the virus.  The next time will be for real, in national parks with highly contagious and lethal viruses.  They only want to kill the humans, not the animals.  Since you don't know who might run across it, you need to be able to produce silver colloid by the gallon for the afflicted.  Antibiotics may be useless on this stuff.  Silver has been effective against all of them for centuries.

This is tough to think about.  Here's a 'cut free' prayer to deal with this:

Memorize the Bible.  Here's one way of doing that.  Here's another way.

And for God's sake, offer prayer, deliverance and blessing for everyone who is currently working or conspiring against us Christians.

latest update:  April 21, 2017