CHM pray before ministry
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A prayer for protection before ministry

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by the power of His Cross and His Blood, we bind up the power of any evil spirits and commend them not to block our prayers.  We bind up the powers of earth, air, water, fire, the netherworld and the Satanic forces of nature.

We break any curses, hexes and spells sent against us and declare them null and void.  We break the assignments of any spirits sent against us and send them to Jesus to deal with as He wills. Lord, we ask you to bless our enemies by sending your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance and conversion.

Furthermore, we bind all interaction and communication in the world of evil spirits as it affects us and our ministry.  We ask for the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over _____________.

Thank you, Lord, for your protection and send your angels, especially Michael, the Archangel, to help us in the battle. We ask you to guide us in our prayers; share with us your Spirits' power and compassion. Amen?  


(prayer by Dr. Francis MacNutt)

edited: June 11, 2017