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" Hell is empty and all devils are here" - William Shakespeare, in "The Tempest"  This is true.  The devils will be sent to hell eventually, but in the meantime, we have to deal with them.

Deliverance Questions

Deliverance vs. Exorcism

Ghost Busters!

CHM  before ministering prayer

CHM after ministering prayer

Protestant Deliverance avoidance

Rev. Dr. Wayne Upton's Deliverance course

Occult Checklist for permissions demons have over you

Sins Checklist for things needing repentance

Cleanup page for Occult and Sins Checklists

Battle prayer of Archangel Michael

Dealing with a false prophet

Multiple Personality complications in Deliverance

Deliverances performed on television, to familiarize people to it.

A little information: You can't kill curses with prayer. You can't break yokes with prayer. It's difficult to drive off demons with prayer. That's because deliverance is not a gift of the Holy Spirit. It IS the Holy Spirit who indwells you who casts out the demon on your power of attorney.  The following are not based on prayer but on deliverance.

Warfare Prayer

Group Warfare Prayer

Long Deliverance Prayer


edited:  June 11, 2017