Deliverance Questions
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Liberation of Demonic Influences


Fundamentals of liberation from evil spirits (demons)

What attitude should we take in deliverance?
Must we protect ourselves and others if you want to cast out wicked spirits?
How should we react to arrogant threats of ghosts?
Are the angels who show their power when they leave people largely infernal spirits? 
How do we dispel negative energy and promote positive energy?

Liberation through departure of spirits

Under what circumstances do infernal spirits depart without exorcism?
Why is the voluntary departure of a demon better than a forced exorcism?
Why is it so easy for spirits of hell, to deceive and manipulate people without being recognized?
Can you believe people's statements that are obviously expressed by demonic creatures from the human mouth?
How are we to evaluate indications of a spirit wanting to turn to God?
What tricks and maneuvers you should expect in deliverance?
How can wandering spirits act on behalf of the more powerful demons?   

Liberation by driving out wandering spirits

When is expulsion of ghosts appropriate?
When is the forced expulsion of a wandering spirit needed?
What preparation and precautions are recommended before the actual eviction orders?
When are relief measures carried out within the framework of teachings about God's will and commandments?
How do we become free from foreign hellish influences?
What rituals do you use to expel demons?
How do I ward off occult, psychic, zombie or vampire attacks?
Are ritual acts and sacred objects necessary or helpful? 

Ghost expulsion by the power of Jesus Christ

Forcible expulsion of a hellish spirit:
Do prayer for deliverance and deliverance itself have the same effect?
Is community prayer effective? 
What do we do when the spirit is not named?


Our attitude toward this business is that of a policeman who comes upon a filthy crime scene with a rebellious perpetrator. (home)

Those who have unconfessed sin or unrenounced occult behavior in their past are very vulnerable to 'catching' the demons coming out of another. (home)

The ghosts should be bound to silence before the process is started.  Only talk to the human or to the personalities. (home)

No, they are demons who still have some rights to be in the person due to unrenounced sin. (home)

The idea of "energies" comes from Shamanism, Buddhism and Hinduism.  They assume there are mindless, spiritual forces that sometimes do good and sometimes do bad. The Christian understanding is radically different.  There is God who loves us and can do good or evil as necessary.  There is Satan who hates us and will do good or ill to us when he can.  Each of them has angels on their political side  There are no neutral angels or spirits.  The angels on God's side have the unlimited power of God to carry out His will.  The angels on Satan's side depend upon humans to give them power to do anything.  Angels can masquerade as anything or anyone.  The evidence that Satan's angels are inferior comes from the authority God gives the Christians to order around Satan's angels. (home)

When the demons have no 'hooks' left in the person through through unconfessed sins or unbroken lies planted during traumas.

voluntary departure means the demons can't come back.  It is not scary to bystanders (home)

These spiritual creatures have been around for thousands of years, conning people.  Most people have some demonic influence in their lives.  This influence will back up what these hell creatures have to say. (home)

If you submit to their advice, you are indirectly submitting to the demon's advice.  This puts you under their influence a little.  Thus we need to pray a prayer of renunciation and rededication to Jesus alone regularly. (home)

For demons, they made their choice millenia ago and they cannot repent of that choice.  Spirits are either following God or they are following Satan.  Jesus' forgiveness and salvation is only available to humans. (home)

The demons will tell on your secrets.  They will try to intimidate you.  They will try to seduce you. They will pretend to be alternate personalities of the person.  They will try to shock you so they might gain an entry.  They will send demon influenced people to interrupt the process.  They will use other demons to affect the electricity or electronic devices.  They will use demons to pound on the walls or levitate things in the room.  All of this can be avoided by binding all demons in the environment to silence & impotence and not to speak unless spoken to. (home)

The demons are part of a hierarchy from wandering spirits up to Satan itself.  Human allies are also part of this organization.  The organization needs spies in order to function.  Without the spies, the heirarchy is blind.  Wandering spirits would fit into this role well. (home)

Ghosts show up where occult activity has been done or where an occultist lives.  If the occultist dies there, the demons on their late host may remain in that area.  Demon influenced people will be attracted to that area to pick up these loose demons.  It is best to command them to leave the environment and go to where Jesus would send them.  End of ghost phenomena. (home)

Wandering spirits need to go when Christians are making plans and don't want Satan to find out about it. (home)

Break the empowerments and assignments given any demons by the occultists through sacrifices, drumming, dancing, chanting, etc.  Then they go in a matter of seconds. (home)

Exorcism is useless if the person has been involved with demons in the past and accepts them.  They need to know what they are, confess them as sin and renounce them or the demons will just come back after you leave. (home)

Foreign hellish influences is just another name for demons.  They can be blown off with deliverance like anything else. (home)

Ritual acts are only as helpful as the exorcist who wrote them up.  They help us keep in mind all the things that need to be done during the distracting process of exorcism.  Certainly the demon doesn't want you to remember them!  Sacred objects are basically useless unless they have been prayed over for deliverance.  Items that have been prayed over and blessed are useful to give the client after the exorcism is done.  They need to go home and anoint the objects in the spaces they dwell in, in case occultists try to attack them again. (home)

Each of these are simply demonized people who are using demons to attack you.  Deliverance, prayer and blessing for whoever is attacking you, their organizations and demonized objects will stop them.  You don't have to know who they are; the angels can find that out.  Once divinely blessed, they will bring burning coals down on their heads if they try to persist. (home)

Hellish spirits are cast out by this process:
1.  Break the empowerment and assignments on all the demons in the environment
2.  Have the client go through an occult checklist of things they did in the past or present.
3.  Confess and renounce all the occult things they checked off.  A lot of demons will drop off right here.
4.  Quietly insist that these demons leave and go to wherever Jesus would send them.
5.  If spirits remain, go back to the occult checklist to see if there is anything they "forgot."
6.  Bless them, their families, friends, properties, environments and spiritual power centers if they exist. (home)

They can, but prayer can take a LOT longer.  Prayer can take 40 days of prayer and fasting; using the authority of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us can take five seconds.   You decide. (home)

Community prayer focused on asking God the Father to send a demon away is useful but it takes a long time.  Also, sin can't be in any of the community of prayer or God will withhold His hand.  He refuses to bless sin -- even a little bit. (home)

When Jesus helped the Gadarene demoniac, the cluster of demons refused to go.  Jesus took a different tack; He started asking for their individual names.  He was going to command them to leave one at a time.  The cluster of demons suggested they be sent into a herd of pigs instead.  Jesus told them to do that.  So they went without Jesus using their names.  So can we. (home)


edited:  April 25, 2017