Jim Griffin - False Prophet
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Jim Griffin, false Christian prophet

On June 8, 2015, I was invited to see a prophet that night by a fellow I had discipled up.  So I went to a house in the suburbs that had its own sanctuary.  There was an hour of singing Christian songs.  Jim Griffin then got up and shared stories and teachings for three hours, non-stop.  Some of the stories were dubious; I later checked a couple and found them false.  But I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a carnal Christian.  

One alarm bell went off when he said he became a Christian and had "prophecy."  No, we need to ask, seek and knock for gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Pre-Christian "gifts" come from demons.  I had to get cleaned up from my old occult days before I asked for gifts of the Holy Spirit.

He then said he would pray for everyone.  That doesn't have anything to do with prophecy, but that would fit the category of "be not hasty with the laying on of hands" 1 Tim 5:22.  That's a good way to create a soul tie and pass demons, if there are any.  I quietly cast all potential demons out of all the people, properties and environments.  I broke all potential unrighteous soul & sex ties on the people, to make  sure demons didn't hop into the meeting from somebody else outside.  I unstacked all potential demonic clusters and Kundalinis and commanded them to leave.  Then I sat back to watch what happened.

He called for 'catchers' and laid hands on the first two women.  After a while, they obligingly laid down on the carpeted floor.  He would lay hands on their faces and hands; which would be a sly hypnotic trick to start a trance.  He would let go and loudly clap his hands over their head; a good way to jolt a person's conscious mind, leaving room for a demon to slip in.  He would breathe in their face; a good way to pass demons from a cluster in him - if he had any.  He didn't.

Nothing really happened during this time.  He muttered, "There seems to be a blockage going on..."  After I did all that deliverance, the only spirits that could be operating would be the Holy Spirit and His angels.  And they weren't manifesting.  I've shut down Rodney Howard Brown the same way.

So Jim Griffin is a counterfeit "prophet."  He may not know he got derailed by some counterfeit Christians.  He depends upon this "ministry" for his sole income, so it would be tough for him to back way up and get on track with the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  He would need a hiatus of several years before he could venture back into that field with real Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  But there are almost no people with that background in the Christian society.

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