Pope Francis Exorcism
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POPE Francis has awakened public interest after footage emerged May 19, 2013 appearing to show him giving a man an exorcism in St Peter's Square. The incident between the Pontiff and the person in a wheelchair, took place immediately after Pentecostal mass.

The video shows how a priest leans across the boy or young man to tell Francis something, at which point the Pope’s expression becomes more serious. The Pontiff then grips the top of the subject’s head firmly and is seen pushing him down into his wheelchair. As this is happening Francis recites an intense prayer, and the boy’s mouth drops wide open and he exhales sharply. Since the man is not healed, Francis’s usual smile then returns and he continues with the traditional and more gentle Sunday greetings for sick or disabled visitors to St Peter’s.

La Repubblica newspaper this morning quoted an exorcism expert has saying: “It was a prayer of liberation from evil or even a real exorcism.”

The leading Roman exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, said: “Francis is also the Bishop of Rome and like all bishops he’s an exorcist.”

The new Pope has made it quite clear since his election that he believes the Devil, whom refers to as “the Enemy” and “The Prince of this World” is a real force that needs to be fought constantly.

The former Pope, Benedict XVI, never performed an exorcism, Francis is on record as having performed them, however, as was Benedict’s predecessor John Paul II.

Rev. Gabriel Amorth has been trying to promote exorcism for years in the Catholic church - among the clergy.  The Catholic church needs to keep up with the Protestants, since the occult, demonic and Satanic are becoming more prominent among the public.