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A Roman Catholic Demonologist explains the Official Catholic Exorcism - please remember, all that is required to have authority over demons is to have the Holy Spirit in your heart by profession of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your only savior and master.  The Holy Spirit has far greater power than the archangel Michael or Mary, the mother of the Son of Man.

Catholic Pope John-Paul tries exorcism in 2000

Class on Exorcism in the Vatican in 2005 -- priests only

Catholic Pope Benedict declares war on Satanists in 2007

Exorcism being used on the Vatican in 2010

How to become a Roman Catholic Exorcist in 2011 -- laymen need not apply

Hotline for Exorcism Established in Milan in 2012.

Pope Francis tries exorcism in 2013

Vatican Exorcism Course that includes Laymen in April, 2015!

exorcism demand up, 2015

Exorcismo Magno for Mexico performed May 20, 2015

Does America need Exorcismo Magno? July 10, 2015

Father Gabriel Amorth dies Sept 16, 2016

The Second Vatican Council exalted the secular New World Order and made Satanic traditions acceptable.  The Christians are escaping from the Roman Catholic church, but The Anti-Christian False Jews of the Illuminati are promoting the secular NWO priests and Francis, the secular NWO pope.  "Pope" Francis has been so blasphemous that he is not eligible to be even a priest.  In the Bible, he appears to fit the role of the second beast in Revelations 13:10.  The real New World Order will be established by Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His angels in several years.

April 4-9, 2016  : “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation,” is now in its 11th year and boasts over a thousand graduates. Students are introduced into a biblical understanding of the devil as the “father of lies,” as well as being trained in distinguishing between true demonic disturbances and problems of a psychological nature.

The course, which runs April 4-9, is organized by the Sacerdos Institute in collaboration with the Group for Socio-religious Research and Information (GRIS) and the International Association of Exorcists (IEA).

William Friedkin, the director of the horror classic "The Exorcist", has revealed that he was allowed to film a real exorcism at the Vatican, May 2016.

Charismatic Catholic groups that do exorcism and healing in Jesus' name. They have done so for decades.


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