Healing Alzheimers
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Alzheimers, also known as senile dementia.

During old age, people's minds get forgetful and less capable to handle their bodies. This does not kill a person; it makes their lives vegetative.

The ultimate decider of our death is the tag ends on the end of all our DNA strands. At every mitosis, a bit of the tag end is chopped off. When the tags are gone, the cells cease to do mitosis and die. When enough cells die, the body dies. Our eternal souls leave and head one way or the other....

In 1999, The problem in the brain that causes this problem was found to be “plaque” build up in the brain, interfering with the nerve dendrites. Elan Pharmaceuticals came up with a vaccine that would trick mouse antibodies to attack the plaque. Success. Then came a trial with humans. Tricky, since you don't want to harm them. Success again! But in 2003, they found 15 of 360 participants came down with permanent, life-threatening brain inflammations. Permanent shutdown on trials and the vaccine.

I can see that they forgot you have two kinds of white blood cells: one destroys what it has determined to be pathogens and the other dumps histamines in the area to start a local allergic reaction. The second white blood cells had caused the inflammation. The lab can't control the situation enough to stop the second white blood cells..

But God the Holy Spirit certainly can! Here's a theoretical prayer to ask God to make the distinction between white blood cells for giving people a reprieve from Alzheimers:

“Heavenly Father, we ask for Your Gift of healing brains from plaque.  We ask for you to use the white blood cells to attack the plaque in ________'s brain and dissolve it with no other harm. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our only savior and master.”

Since this is theoretical, I ask you to keep me informed as to its success or failure in your efforts for others. Only Christians can minister this healing.

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