Autoimmune cause
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Autoimmune-related diseases are caused by our own autobodies turning and attacking parts of our bodies.  There are over 100 known autoimmune related diseases.  50 million Americans have them and there is no medical cure for them. All the medical profession can do is offer immune-suppressing drugs and anti-inflammatories.  The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. (AARDA) does a fine job of presenting the problem, but they can only offer hope that maybe doctors will find out how to cure it some day.  

There are three sources of antibodies running amok: antibiotics, poisons and DNA damage.  DNA damage problems can either be hereditary or radiation to an egg or sperm.  The DNA is damaged in the antibody production coding area. Autoimmune diseases pop up.  Job's disease is classic of this.  Poisons like bad shrimp can cause the allergy antibodies to go in panic mode, causing a severe and dangerous reaction to eating any shrimp the next time.  Antibiotics contain aluminum compounds to create a general alert in the antibodies to make sure the target microbe is identified as bad.  But it can go overboard and designate other proteins to be targeted, causing autoimmune diseases.

The doctors say they are "working on an answer." But if the autoimmune related diseases are caused by life-saving medical procedures, would they declare the solution if they knew what it was?

How do antibiotics work? The antibodies are trained to attack a virus or bacteria by exposing them to weakened viruses and bacteria.  Once they can recognize these invaders, the virus or bacteria don't stand a chance of multiplying in our bodies if they can get in. Some of them hide in our cells until the defenses are weakened.  Some of them attack our immune system on their way in.  Some of them have learned to defeat our antibodies.  But otherwise, antibiotics are effective - so long as they are targeting that exact virus or bacteria.

How could that go wrong?  Well, let's look at how antibiotics are made.

In manufacturing most human vaccines, viruses are bred on human fetal parts from abortions.  Oxygenated and glutenized blood is circulated through the fetus to keep the cells alive.  The viruses are injected in and the cells are attacked with the viruses.  After a while the fetus is blendered and filtered.  A disinfectant is added to the liquid to partly kill the virus or bacteria.  Aluminum is added as an "adjuvant" to cause the patient's immune system to go on red alert.  It is then injected into the patient by someone in a lab coat. The patient's antibodies go after this invasion and can also mark the foreign human cell fragments in the juice as an enemy.  The antibodies start going after those organ cells in the patient himself.  This is the main source of auto-immune diseases.

A minority cause is blood-sucking insects that attack several people.  They inject a chemical into the wound, to keep the blood from clotting.  But after 36 hours they are injecting part of their last meal as well. Tick bites are known to cause Lyme disease which sounds like another name for autoimmune disease.

Another minority cause is done in the hospital.  For leukemia cases (cancer in white blood cells), doctors will kill off all bone marrow that generates the cancerous white blood cells.  A host will give bone marrow that will be planted in the bone of the patient and caused to grow.  The odds are high that the new white blood cells will start attacking some of the patient's organs and cells (autoimmune disease).

Sometimes they use chicken eggs as a necessary part of the manufacturing process, if the target virus or bacteria also goes after chickens as well.  This is important for you to know if you are allergic to eggs.  These vaccines include MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), MMRV (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella), influenza (flu), yellow fever and rabies.  You may become allergic to eggs from taking one of these shots.  

The antibodies may mark foreign fetal cell fragments as enemy.  When a woman starts hosting a fetus (gets pregnant), her antibodies may kill it immediately, making it difficult to have a baby.  Or her antibodies attack it later, causing a "spontaneous" miscarriage or "problems" (Erythroblastosis fetalis).  This is the main source of the rise in miscarriages in our society. 

The main palliative medical science uses with these diseases is to suppress the whole immune system, leaving the victim vulnerable to other viruses and bacteria: That means staying in a sterile room for a long, long time.

 The more antibiotics you take, the greater chance of getting another autoimmune disease.  But the world domination people want the people to be dependent on their medical socialism.  But we Christians can defeat this by straightening out these antibodies.

Organ transplants due to organ failures from autoimmune attack are high risk without God's power.  The antibodies can target the new, foreign organ cells because of their specialization.  Healing by the Grace of God is required.

We Christians have sought the Lord as to how to deal with some of these maladies through His Grace and He has graciously gave us that wisdom.  Later, we found some were caused by autoimmune attacks.  Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis were quickly and permanently dealt with by straightening out the immune system through prayer.

Celiac Disease seems to be a variation on this
Celiac disease is a malady that is triggered by the presence of gluten to make the antibodies damage or destroy the small intestinal villi.  Celiac disease has quadrupled in the United States in just 50 years, the same time that vaccine use has grown.  On unofficial possibility is their feeding gluten to the living flesh that they are growing the virus or bacteria in for antibiotics.  The gluten is shot into our arms along with everything else in the mix.  Your body goes on search & destroy mode and may "learn" that gluten is part of the invader.

Gluten proteins in wheat, barley and rye prompt the antibodies to attack. Complications range from diarrhea and anemia to osteoporosis and, in extreme cases, lymphoma. Some important exceptions notwithstanding, the prevalence of celiac disease is estimated to range between 0.6 and 1 percent of the world’s population.  While they blame predisposing genes for causing the disease, 95% of those who have the suspect gene don't have the problem with celiac.

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