Baby Blood
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One day I decided to give blood. After I did, the Florida – Georgia Blood Alliance called me up. I had Baby Blood, a very rare blood used for new borns. From there on, I gave blood somewhat regularly.

Being an amateur scientist, I looked up what that was. Its more technical term was CMV-negative. Okay, what's that? It is Cytomegalovirus Negative. Okay, what's that? Human Papilloma virus negative. Hmmm. This is starting to sound odd. What does that mean?

This Human Papilloma virus originally was called Simian Papilloma virus when it was only in monkeys. It is a monkey virus that is not communicable.

Wait a minute, what does that “negative” part mean? And only a small minority of Americans have the “negative.” The inverse of that statement says “the overwhelming majority of Americans are “positive” for the Simian Papilloma virus, a non-communicable disease. Whoa! What happened here?

I told my research to a doctor who walked away, saying “well, that's only your opinion.” Not quite. I had been using medical websites for my information.

Are there any hypotheses that could account for this paradox? The only one I have found thus far is this: After the March of Dimes Polio Crusade (vaccination program) for all Americans, this Papilloma virus suddenly appeared in Americans. That would explain why almost everybody has it. It was killing Americans who had a low immunity and received blood. Hence it was likely the Polio vaccine was contaminated with this monkey virus. How could this happen? Dr. Jonas Salk used living monkey flesh to propagate the Polio viruses. The monkey flesh happened to have this Papilloma virus which was also being propagated. Humans, being natural born sinners, decided to do the program and assume the human immune system would wipe out the monkey virus. It didn't. What's worse, it is passed down from human mothers to their children.

The big question I have is how come I don't have the Papilloma virus. I remember taking the sugar cube in the mid 1950's that included the polio and simian viruses. By all rights I should have it. Possibly I prayed for my health and God healed me of them before I ever gave blood. Possibly, the sugar cube was a dud. Possibly my immune system had run across something similar in the Middle East and dispatched it immediately when it spotted it..

In speculating about the future, it is possible that CMV-negative people could be isolated from society and milked like cows if the need becomes too great.

The March of Dimes Polio Crusade saved a lot of lives and kept a lot of people from being handicapped.  Bless it for that.  But it was not God's Blessing on mankind.  It had the curse of Adam upon it; "Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life.  It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field."

The medical /pharmaceutical complex has not stopped lying to the public as they keep making mistakes and covering them up.  They have the government under blackmail to do their bidding.  And Satan has been gradually entering into the medical field.

The medical /pharmaceutical complex has tried to build a vaccine against the Simian Papilloma Virus (HPV), to heal the society of this plague. They called HPV a "cancer causing agent" to promote the vaccine to society. On December 4, 2013, Katie Couric reported this "HPV" vaccine was not stopping cancer, but was causing diseases (autoimmune). The whole medical/industrial complex declared war on Katie in a major media barrage that is continuing to this day. She had to apologize to save her job.

last update:  04/21/2017