Vaccines and Infertility
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vaccines and infertility

Recently there has been an unannounced epidemic of human infertility and trouble with pregnancies.  I smell a cover up.

One way this can happen is to use living fetal flesh from abortions for propagating the viruses the pharmaceutical companies want to half kill and use for vaccinations.  When it is injected in a woman, her t-cells recognize there are outside invaders and goes on the offensive, creating antibodies against the virus.  In a lot of cases, the fetal flesh is also seen as a foreign invader and creates antibodies against fetal tissue.

When the woman wants to get pregnant, she creates a fetal embryo.  Her antibodies go on the attack and kill it.  Or if her body chose an arcane protein on the fetal flesh to make antibodies against, it may be ambivalent about killing it or not.  The "do not kill" proteins may be battling for the baby's life.  Trouble for that poor fetus.

Pray for God to reprogram the t-cells to not attack the body or baby, but only that which is trying to harm the body.  This works.

Last update: 04/21/2017