cancer lies by doctors
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cancer lies by doctors

Do you believe that medical doctors are sinners like the rest of us?  Do you believe there are really bad doctors as well as saints?  If people trust them and can't check up on what they say, then some of them would get away with murder for profit.  Marxism is evil.  Marxist government control of medicine would tempt good doctors to do bad things to keep their careers.

Cancer and its treatment is a good example of the above.  Cancer treatments and care can cost 1/4 to 3/4 of a million Dollars a patient.  Cancer is caused by cancer-causing chemicals and radiation.  The medical treatments are "chemo therapy" which half kill people and are carcinogenic.  Radiation therapy may kill cancer cells - and set up other cells to become cancerous.  Thus the diagnosis and treatment can be self-fulfilling.

The only competition for curing cancer are Christian prayers.  Unbelieving doctors wouldn't want Christians to claim a case of cancer cured.

At an early outset and diagnosis, if the Christian prayer shuts down the cancer, the doctors claim "faulty diagnosis." It wasn't cancer to begin with.  I've had a doctor who had become a Christian tell me this is common practice.

An anti-Christian doctor can claim a Christian has bad cancer and will need emergency treatment.  They chose the worst "chemotherapy" and the heaviest dose of radiation to stop it.  They don't stop to check cancer indicators because they are trying to create the cancer.  Thus prayer to stop the cancer may cause some remission, but it quickly restarts as the "treatment" continues.  The pain of the "treatment" provokes the patient to want to end it all.  The doctor has a needle with very heavy sedative to put them down.

Since the Christian patients usually have blind faith in the doctor, they won't stop the treatment or go to another doctor for a second opinion. Their body doesn't get a chance to recover and show they are well.  I pray to neutralize the chemo so it doesn't do any harm.  I pray the DNA in their cells would be repaired from the radiation.  This needs to be continued until the treatment is stopped.  So it is hard to show cause & effect on your prayers against the cancer.

One case in 2014:  A Christian nurse was given really bad news that she was stage 4 cancer all over.  Lost cause.  But just in case, they gave her chemo and radiation.  I shut down the cancer. I neutralized the chemo and repaired the radiation damage.  They upped the chemo and radiation.  Months later, a dormant tuberculosis became active.  They stopped all cancer treatment, assuming that was the end.  I killed the tuberculosis.  When the indicators for tuberculosis went down three weeks later (unheard of), they restarted the chemo and radiation full blast.  No checking for cancer indicators. Three weeks later, she went to see another doctor for checking cancer indicators. She was cancer free. She stopped all cancer treatments. But the x-rays had done major damage to her brain.  She came down with an autoimmune disease in the colon from all the vaccinations.  I didn't find out in time to stop that.  She has no more colon.  A year later, her doctor reminded her that her quality of life was permanently low and he could put her down.  She accepted the Kevorkian offer. I never had a chance to talk to her.

edited:  April 21, 2017