Healing a Major Epidemic
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Healing a major epidemic

God almighty can heal anything.  No one else can.  I asked God what to do.  He told me to pray for Him to change the RNA or DNA of the virus or bacteria so it would do no harm to the host.  A person can get it but they won't notice it.  Their body will get a permanent immunity from the pandemic by catching and getting over the harmless version.  That pandemic can't be used a second time.  Even old pandemics can be treated this way.

When Ebola2014 was loosed in Africa, it was highly contagious to nurses and doctors even  in hazmat suits! It was highly fatal. The American government said they started work on a vaccine, but they didn't have anything yet. It started coming over to America.  It had "pandemic" written all over it. It scared me. I prayed, "Heavenly Father, I ask you to change the RNA in all the Ebola viruses so that they would do no more harm to their hosts. Amen."  The epidemic suddenly dropped off in both America and Africa simultaneously. It was only mildly contagious and harmful afterward.

Social panic had not spread much in Africa and died out.

Ebola2014 failed. What's next? Live anthrax has been sent out around the United States and in foreign countries.  A hopped up version of Cholera2015 is spreading in Africa.  All of this is a systematic effort to depopulate the world (except for themselves).

I recall hearing of a missionary who worked with sick Africans in an epidemic, decades ago. He worked bare handed, safely.  He had prayed that God would kill the bacteria when it touched him.  Another missionary took a sample of  foam from his hand and found everything in the foam was dead. He retired and lived a long life.


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