Healing chromosomes
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DNA healing through prayer! Astounding thought, isn't it?  Huge implications isn't it?  Jesus is not recorded as having done it.  But Jesus said, "I tell you the truth (as if He ever didn't), anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."  -John 14:12

It started many years ago with the fact that God would permanently heal all cases of rheumatoid arthritis when I asked in prayer.   After all, I had asked for the gift of healing of rheumatoid arthritis and God came through.  I later found out this is an auto-immune disease. It was rogue t-cell damage.  The body's immunity system had attacked legitimate human cells.  God must have been healing the t-cells as well as repairing the nerve damage.  If the RNA coding for distinguishing enemy cells was fixed, that meant stuff could be healed on a molecular level!  That includes DNA fixing through prayer! It also meant that all 100 auto-immune diseases were healable.

I had prayed for colds and influenza and never saw any healing take place.  Ever.  So now, I prayed for their DNA & RNA to modify so they did no harm to the human body anymore and peoples' colds and influenzas immediately went away.

I knew of a case of trisomy 18 (DNA flaw bringing early death) in a baby in a prior church.  We had prayed for her, to no noticeable difference.  I prayed for God to make all new cell divisions in her body to produce normal cells. There have been improvements taking place during the last six years. One of which is the little girl is still alive and growing!

The scope is tremendous.  Healing all the polysomy diseases is best done as a blessing on the effort of the parents to have children, considering the magnitude of the damage done by the flaw.  Muscular Dystrophy gradually causes problems, so there is some time before prayer is vital.  DNA-caused autoimmune problems means both the DNA and the antibodies need prayer.  Job's syndrome is an example of that.

Give it a try.  This should work:
 Heavenly Father, I ask for Your Gift of healing DNA and healing of white blood cell t-cells.  Please repair the t-cells of the unborn babies in the church.  Please repair any DNA damage in these unborn babies as well.  For those in the church with auto-immune diseases, may their t-cells be reprogrammed to do no harm to legitimate human cells and organs but only go after potentially harmful aliens in their bodies.   For those with colds and influenza, please modify the disease viruses and bacteria in them and their environments to not do any harm to human cells and organs. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is my only savior and master, Amen.

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