Occult Obstacles to Deliverance
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(I pray for anyone who reads this post that the Holy Spirit would draw them to salvation and bless them. I bind any unclean spirits on them & their property, In Jesus' name.)

Have you ever wondered why demonic religions have sacrifices, chanting, fasting, dedications, worship, etc.? The demons don't have the followers do it for the fun of it. This is a way that humans can be used to empower these demons to resist other humans from driving them off.

How does that work? God is a gentleman. He doesn't want to violate our free will. That includes evil humans, as well.

We Christians can kick out demons with ease, if they were just sent against someone without permission or empowerment. It is a three-second operation.

But if the demon has been given human empowerment by an occultist, there is a conflict of human wills over the disposition of that demon. If the demon has been given fasting prayers to stay in place, nothing short of fasting prayers will drive it out. Fasting is a form of sacrifice.

However, if we exercise our Christian authority to bind & loose to break the (human power given by) sacrifices, chanting, fasting, dedications and worship to the demons, they are left standing there without any cover. It becomes a three-second operation to drive them off.

If the demons have been given permission to stay by the infested person, though, they may go away -- but they will be back any time they want. Repentance and renunciation are still required to keep them away permanently. If the person refuses, we need to pray for the person to have a change of heart.

Good intentions can be a problem here. If you knock back all the demons on someone who is occultly influenced, there is no motivation to salvation by faith,  repent & renounce. It would be temporary, anyway. If you don't, the demons may be keeping them from hearing the gospel message of salvation & freedom. Thus deliverance should be done as part of ministering salvation.

I found out about breaking the empowerment given demons when I was helping a Christian, runaway Santeria slave. For weeks I worked with him. I couldn't deliver him. I was coming under attack as well. One day in the grocery store, I felt the usual dizziness, tunnel vision and partial deafness of an attack. I turned to Jesus and asked what to do. He told me "break the incantations." I did that -- and was immediately okay. Whaaat?

Later I asked Him what that was all about and He explained the above to me. This was the KEY to cleaning up my client! I had him loop through a dozen of the major Santeria demon gods, renouncing each, breaking each's empowerment and commanding each to go. He was free when he got done.
Since then I have used this pattern for freeing dozens of Christians.

breaking "seals" that hinder deliverance

I had a man show up on aluminum crutches who had very painful knees. They had hurt for twenty years after he had a motorcycle accident. They were so painful he had been to a doctor to see about having his legs cut off above his knees to stop the pain. No help there! He had been to numerous Christian ministries for prayer with no relief.

When I started praying for him, I asked Jesus to teach me how to pray for him. He told me that it was curses placed there with 'seals' used to cover the curses. A witch had done it to him after the motorcycle accident, to cover her work. So the first thing I did was break the 'seals'. Then I broke the curses. He said, "Did you feel that?!" I asked him what and he said he felt the knee joints "re-arrange." He then said the pain was gone. He stood up and walked out of the room, carrying his crutches.

No one had been able to deliver him of the curses before. Most witches don't know how to apply these "seals", I notice. There were three layers of "seals", each of which had to be broken.

The presence of charmed objects (and not dealing with them) can also block a deliverance.

One young, Christian woman wanted prayer because she felt awful. As soon as my partner & I laid hands on her and prayed, she passed out. A very loud, high-pitched scream came from her mouth. This led us to suspect demonic activity. After an hour of attempted deliverance with her screaming the whole time, I had to stop and seek the Lord. He told me to look at her rings. She was wearing three little spoon rings on her left fingers. For each ring, I touched it and bound any unclean spirit on it. On the third ring, the scream suddenly stopped, she came to and started gently crying. It was over.

I told my wife about my anonymous client and her rings. My wife said she always prays over any jewelry she brings into the house because jewelry parts are recycled for centuries; who knows who has had it in the past? Aargh! If only she had told me that at least three hours before!

Another Christian I knew bought a magnetic bracelet for her arthritis in her wrist. The effect faded enough that she bought another one. The arthritis gradually returned, but she still wore those bracelets. She now had other medical problems.

I was as tactful as my Aspergers would allow in asking if I could pray for her arthritis. She agreed. I said the bracelets would get a little in the way of my holding her wrist, so she took them off. I prayed for her arthritis while telling evil "influences" to leave under my breath. The arthritis was permanently healed. The medical problems left. I offered to "pray" for her bracelets. While praying blessing upon them, I quietly shut down the charming the manufacturer had put on them. She could put them back on at that point with safety.

There is a pastor who went to the hospital to get hip replacement surgery -- a very quick and safe surgery these days. After the surgery, his health didn't spring back as they expected; it declined! He was having trouble with his lungs and heart, as well. His charismatic church prayed for him and tried deliverance, to no avail. He was close to being transferred to intensive care.

I came up to see him and offer prayer. As usual, I asked the Lord Jesus to teach me to pray for him. He told me there was a witch on staff that was using charmed medical instruments and supplies on him, to kill him. I delivered all the equipment and supplies in the room. When I went home, I delivered all the equipment and supplies in the whole hospital. I bound the demons on the employees and their properties. I prayed for their salvation.

He immediately started to improve. It took him a month of improvement before they let him out. He is still limping from the damage, but he is alive & ministering!

People who work with demonic powers can obstruct a deliverance through a soul tie.

I love my sister. But she is a Rei-Ki master (Japanese Buddhist shamanism). She uses demonic powers. When she tries to bless me with her powers, I know it and have to clean those demons she sent off me. When I pray divine blessings for her, it really jams up her ability to practice. It could harm her health, too, since she won't give it up. The only difference between angels and demons is their political affiliation, but that makes all the difference in the world (and beyond).

A woman came in with her husband. She was a fully committed Christian, but she said her husband still dealt with some of the New Age practices they had come out of. She had nightmares nightly. She had an amazing number of medical problems with all systems starting to break down.

My partner & I started to pray for her. Nothing seemed to be helping. I asked the Lord what was going on and he said the husband was using demonic powers on her. He loved her and wanted her well, but he didn't understand the profound difference between the divine and the demonic. What to do? I offered for him, the "head of the house", to pray for her, while we would lay hands on him and "pray through him." So while he was praying to God on her behalf, I was praying deliverance for him and his property under my breath! She received great relief from that time.

Eight months later, I was visiting another regional exorcist with one of my clients, when they came in. When she came forward, she had been grateful for the reprieve, but it all started to come back again. We did what we could for her, but this other exorcist didn't want to involve the husband, so he sent them away without any relief. I doubt she is alive today -- killed by the demonic kindness of her loving husband.

Retaliatory spirits as an obstacle.

Powers and Principalities have more sophisticated defenses than the normal demon. One of them is what I call retaliatory spirits. If you kick one of these p&p's in the shins, suddenly you have a swarm of spiritual hornets coming after you.

If you suspect your exorcism target is really big, go after any retaliatory spirits FIRST. The rest becomes an easy target.

If you find out too late and the swarm is already buzzing around you, what to do?

I ran across that problem several years ago, when a woman wanted us to pray for salvation for her sister who worked for a law firm in Boston. I started praying for her, but there was a stronghold over the law firm. I started binding demons on them, but there was a stronghold over that part of Boston. I started binding demons on them, and I was in the thick of it. I turned to a prayer minister and told her to pray protection for me. I then used a hiding prayer. Then I busted those stupid retaliatory spirits. Then I went after that p&p and disabled it. Then I went down the next level and disabled it. Then I bound any spirits of blindness, deafness, confusion and scrambling over the sister and prayed for God to speak truth to her. Then I said thanks to the other prayer minister. Mission accomplished.

Those retaliatory spirits can be nasty. I recall the story of a missionary who told his followers to cut down a tree that had been charmed for centuries. When it fell, he fell dead shortly thereafter.

occult hierarchies.

When the occultists attack a Christian, they will often use their low hierarchy people to do it. If the Christian knows anything about deliverance, the LHP's will be disabled, but the hierarchy will immediately pump them back up and send them back into the fray, so it looks like deliverance didn't work. Maybe the Christian will abandon deliverance....

There needs to be a more extensive deliverance to shut them down. I target "those who work or conspire to influence us", so as to get the LHP's and their supervisors. I bless these same people and their property to contaminate them with holiness.

I refer to "influence" because occasionally you can end up with some Buddhist or shaman who demonically blesses us or influences us, thinking they are doing us a favor! Not!

Low level attack

If the occultists can't keep us down with a heavy curse, hex or spell, the next tactic they will try is a bunch of low level attacks. Would you think you were under attack if you felt depressed one morning, your phone stopped working, your kids were crabby, your computer 'acted up', traffic on the road started doing dangerous things toward you, your back started aching, etc.?

It might not be demonic, but then again, maybe it is. Deliverance is an easy fix if any of these have a demonic origin. But if you just think "That's life", they have handicapped an exorcist with demons!

As a church sound man, I learned that when the sound board started acting up before or during a service, quietly pray deliverance over it before reaching for a screw driver. Often, that solved the problem.

class action curses

I met a prayer minister who was feeling oppressed, had done deliverance, but wasn't getting relief. I prayed for her, asking Jesus to teach me what to pray. Jesus told me it was on her family, not her individually. I bound it off her family and she was immediately free. I asked her to check up with the family. The next week, she came back that her daughter had angered a witch in high school. She had felt oppression and cleaned herself up, but hadn't cleaned up the curse on the family!

Sometimes we can end up under attack on a group level, that needs to be broken as a group. If you don't know what group is under attack, just pray deliverance for "myself and all groups that I am part of." Then you can pray deliverance for "those working or conspiring against us."

Repeated attacks

I remember the first time I ran up against this. I prayed for a client and his problem, followed by deliverance since prayer wasn't having effect. The deliverance gave him healing. He and I both saw it.

The next week, he was back with the same complaint. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "It didn't work!" What? I asked him what happened. He said that he felt great after seeing us, but late that night "it all came back."

I asked the Lord what was going on. He told me an occultist and I were playing ping pong with this fellow; I was fixing him up and the occultist was knocking him back down. (repeated attacks)

From then on, whenever I delivered someone, I delivered anyone who worked or conspired against them and prayed for their salvation. I got a reputation among the prayer ministers that if I prayed for someone, they stayed prayed for! (I know, theologically that's all wrong, but you get the idea.)

And a lot more things as well. In fact I had a Reiki master give me a ten dollar bill as a donation to a group putting on a seminar. I put it in my breast pocket for the duration, since the seminar had already started. After five minutes, I was confused, depressed and getting weak. The Lord pointed out the tenner, which I took out of my pocket. I quickly recovered. At the end of the seminar, I walked over and dropped the tenner in front of her, saying we weren't taking contributions. As I walked out the door, she was calling my name louder & louder. Too bad; she was stuck with it!

I realized later that I shouldn't have been spiteful like that; the charmed tenner went into circulation!

Demonized Dirt

The Buddhists, Hindus, New Agers, shamans and witches all "bless" "mother earth". In Christian terminology, they are pumping demons into the ground. This accumulation of demons influence people on the surface. They adversely affect Christians, of course. Deliverance for the Christians and their properties doesn't stop the adverse effect. For unbelievers, it makes them resistant to the gospel.

"We have not because we ask not" with regard to deliverances as well as prayers. On the back of my business card for the Order of Saint Patrick, part of my protection prayer says, "In the name of Jesus Christ, by the power of His cross and blood, we bind the spirits, powers and forces of the earth, the underground, the air, the water, the fire, the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature." Covers a lot of things you don't normally pray for, doesn't it?