Multidimensional God
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Okay Christians, hang on!  I'm going to take your mind through a wild ride.  This answers the major problems people have with theology.

We Christians understand five dimensions. That's length, width, depth and time, plus a spiritual dimension. Our Creator is not bound to any of them.  After all, He made it all, is making it all, will make it all.

Thus God can go back in time countless times and be with each human personally as he or she goes through life. He also was present as God the Father while He as God the Son was walking the earth, while He as the Holy Spirit was maintaining all things (Isaiah 9:6). “Omnipresent” is a theological term meaning God can’t be limited to one place at any time. God can still be one, but at the same time simultaneously manifest in three ways.  “Omniscient” means He knows everything that has happened and will happen in time, which is true of God, since He can go anywhere and anywhen.

As evidence of this, Christians have often seen answers to prayer show up shortly after they have prayed, despite the fact that the circumstances to bring the answer started pulling together way before they even thought of praying about the situation. God can engineer coincidences to bring answers.

The fifth dimension makes miracles quite doable. What surgeon wouldn’t love to be able to do surgery from the fifth dimension!  Since angels and demons also can travel around in the fifth dimension, appearing and disappearing would be a snap. And they could look like anything — even UFO’s.

These two "omni's" together lead to “omnipotent”, where God is unlimited in capability.  However, God holds to what He says.  He gave us this world to rule, so He mostly leaves hands-off to let us rule.  But Satan took over through some humans.  But God will intervene if we ask, seek and knock for him to do so on our behalf. And He has delegated to us His power of attorney to bust those demons.

Why God gives a hoot about us three-dimensional flat-landers, I don’t know; be sure to ask Him when your fifth dimensional soul moves out of here to go see Him.   :-)