Social Obstacles to Healing Prayer
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Jesus was divine and I'm not.  But Jesus told the disciples, "These signs that I do you also will do and greater things shall you do because I go to the Father who will send the Holy Spirit to you..."  This means he didn't use his unique divinity to do any of the signs and wonders.  Everything he did can theoretically be done by us.

I prayed and nothing happened.  God's answers to prayer are based upon God's promises and guidance.  Pursue his positive promises and avoid his negative promises.  Seek his guidance as to how to pray.  Things happen.

My church just doesn't do that sort of thing; it's crazy.  The original author of your church did do that sort of thing.  Guess who moved.

The gifts all died out when the Bible, the "perfect", came.  All the documents of the Bible were freely being circulated among the churches before and after they were compiled into what we call the New Testament.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit were there before and after, too.  The Roman state suppressed them.

This supernatural stuff is all spooky, creepy.  Satan doesn't own the supernatural; it started with God creating the universe.  If Jesus didn't supernaturally raise from the dead, Christianity is a fraud.  If God doesn't supernaturally transform hearts of new believers, all is lost.

Jesus never did those supposed miracles; it was all hypnosis.   Jesus healed people who weren't even present.  Jesus healed people who didn't even know who he was.

If you do that stuff, Satan is going to get mad and hurt us!  God made Satan; He can protect you from his creation.

I need things to be predictable and understandable in my church; this Holy Spirit stuff robs my authority to maintain order.  Who is the Lord of your church?  Would you be interested in a good book on divine guidance?


last changed: 04/21/2017