Jesus vs Hinduism Summary
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Jesus Christ of Nazareth


Represents Jehovah, the creator and sustainer of everything spiritual and physical.  The author of unchanging truth, wisdom and justice.


Access to Jehovah thru Jesus, through obedience, through faith through Jehovah’s promises.  He honors his creature's requests on the basis of His promises.


through receiving Jesus’ death & resurrection as our own.

Sanctification through the combination of our will (to choose the right & renounce the wrong) and appropriating Jehovah’s grace to transform us to have a heart of love for Jehovah and people.

Through Jehovah
we have:

The gifts of the Holy Spirit
The fruit of the Holy Spirit
the authority to cast out demons.
Love, joy and peace
protection and provision
healing and transformation
guidance and fellowship with God
salvation & personal eternal life in heaven
heavenly rewards earned by efforts on Earth
Represents "Brahman" – the pool of all human & animal spirits. The physical world is illusory. Truth is based upon Brahman's opinion.  All other gods are mere manifestations of "Brahman." No Satan or demons, so they are totally vulnerable.

Access to "Brahman" (called "Yoga"):

learning about your divinity ("Atman")
meditation and chanting to open your mind
devotional poses to open your spirit
drawing Prana (Brahman) into yourself through breathing ceremonies

"Salvation" through:

suppressing emotions to release Karmic bondages to physical world.
understanding you are part of Brahman and therefore part god.
increasing sensitivity to Brahman.
opening your mind to become "one" with Brahman
doing good deeds.

Through "Brahman" they have:

the alleged ability to force changes in the universe by believing hard enough.
an end of reincarnation
an end of suffering
an end of existence