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Hinduism Branches
Hindu Evangelism in the West
Yoga - the yoke
Removing Kundalinis & Chakras fast & easy

Jesus & Hinduism Summary

How to evangelize Hindus
Intercession for Hindus
How to share the gospel with a Hindu

Hindu Self-Deliverance

Hinduism vs. Buddhism
Buddhism is a form of Shamanism 

The Gnostic Counterfeit
Gnostic Self-Deliverance

Carl Jung, Neo-Gnosticism, & The MBTI
Jungian Self-Deliverance

Oriental Demonic Power

Hindu roots of Islam

Krishna of Islam and Hinduism

The Oneness Movement - Deeksha


  More Information

Holly Robaina, in article entitled “Take a Pass on Yoga” on ChristianityToday.com does a marvelous job explaining the dangers of yoga, so-called “Christian yoga” and how PraiseMoves is definitely different. Read it here. Other links available with good info about yoga:

The Truth About Yoga – originally in Today’s Christian Woman
Probe Ministries recommends PraiseMoves as the Christian Alternative to yoga
LifeWay’s Fitness Expert Promotes Yoga – New Age Movement continues to Haunt Southern Baptist Convention” – by Bud Press, Director, Christian Research Service
And more articles including those about so-called “Christian yoga” at:
Christian Research Services
MacGregor Ministries
- See more at: http://praisemoves.com/about-us/why-a-christian-alternative-to-yoga/#sthash.QO2qMOlV.dpuf