Homosexual Attack
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I have experimented with Christian deliverance for homosexuals remotely.  After all, if there are no demons, nothing happens.  If I do it remotely, there's no "hate speech" or "abuse".  The times that I have done it, the homosex relationship breaks off and one of them goes to another city to prevent blackmail and start a heterosexual family.

The Marxists are using homosexuals to attack Christian churches.  In 2015, it is shaming the churches for not marrying homosexuals.  Soon they will fine churches for not doing so.  Then they will threaten the churchs' corporate charter for not doing so. Then they will shame churches for not having homosexuals in their membership.  Then they will be fined for not giving membership to active homosexuals. Then they will shame the churches for not having homosexuals in their leadership.  Then they will threaten the church's corporate charter for not putting  homosexuals in their leadership.

If the Marxists take over, they will kill off the homosexuals like the Nazis and Bolsheviks did. Likewise the Muslims do.

But if the Christians use deliverance for all homosexuals in their communities, the homosexual movement will come to a stop.  These people will be saved from the Marxists and Muslims.


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