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I am the author of this website, a married Christian and intercessor.  I took a theological position on the homosexual issue on my website, orderofsaintpatrick.org, when I started my website in 2005.  But I have taken another position from my experiences and discussions with others.

When my website went on the internet, I twice had homosexual passions and fantasies, which were totally out of character.  I used deliverance on myself as an experiment - and was instantly and totally back to heterosex with my wife both times.  Usually legitimate feelings take time to fade on down.  Not this.  I blessed my persecutors and did not get a repeat.

I ran across an ex-college professor that was radically saved from his leftist position to Christianity.  He had to retire for his own safety.  He told me of seeing lesbian witches at the beginning of the school year use homosexual love spells on freshmen and seduce them.  These new converts' curriculum was changed to radical feminism and Marxism.  Later, they were taught witchcraft.  When the next school year came, they were also seducing freshmen to lesbianism.  He said this happened year after year after year.

I have experimented with homosexuals twice.  I used deliverance on them in absentia and then watched.  If there were no demons, nothing would happen.  But in both cases, they broke up with their partners.  The ones that were the test subjects left town and went back to being heterosexual with a wife and all.  I lost track of them.

Now there are love spells that are being used heterosexually.  I have seen young Christian husbands & wives get seduced out of their families for a heterosexual relationship with someone else.  In one case, the witch used a death curse on the wife to clean up stray ends.  Deliverance in absentia broke the relationship, saved the spouse and left the victim with the job of trying to go back to their original relationship. 

I have seen witches seduce & marry a Christian, to get a free entry into churches - and do as much damage to the churches as they can. 

In conclusion, there should be a policy that any marriage in the church be preceded with the church prayer group offering deliverance, prayer and blessing to the couple and their friends for at least two weeks.  Any potential marriage made in hell would break up. Any marriage made in heaven would be started on a good foundation.

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