Marriage from Hell
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Marriage from Hell

A lot of people consider their marriage is so acrimonious it must be from Hell. No, those are just psychological differences.

If a witch casts a love- or lust- spell on someone, they suddenly have powerful feelings of attraction and fantasies of sex.  If deliverance is used on the person, the magic feelings would vanish like turning off a lamp. They would be instantly gone as if they had never been.  If there is no witchcraft involved in these feelings, deliverance would have no effect.  Having real, natural feelings would build and perhaps gradually fade with mild grief work.

Love spells and lust spells are available for sale on the internet for a price, because they work. They can be targeted to the opposite sex, the same sex, to children, etc.  Pornography is often charmed with these lust spells.  Innocuous gifts can be charmed with these lust spells.

A witch or a Shriner could use this on a Christian, have sex and "marry" them.  When they go to a church, the Christian goes first and the witch is assumed to be a back-slidden Christian.  Far from it.  He can cast curses, hexes and spells all over the church and its members and pastors.

I know a college professor who became a Christian tell me how the Marxists used this in colleges to make leftists.   At the beginning of the school year, The feminists would each chose a woman, spell her, have sex with her, change her studies to radical feminism, get her into studies on Marxism and witchcraft in time to reproduce the process the next year.  And the parents at home would not know what to do about it.  The only way to counter it is Christian deliverance.  Few churches teach deliverance, to salvage their children from the witches.

The homosexual men are usually that way from witchcraft. I have experimented with using deliverance on homosexuals (without telling them) and watch them get out of town, so they can build a new heterosexual life far enough away so they can't get blackmailed.

The American government has declared that homosexuals must be married by Christian churches, because homosexuals "can't help their feelings".  Eventually, there will be fines and threats to their incorporation if they don't.  

But there is a way around that.  All marriages (heter & homo) would have to have a waiting period of two weeks, while the church prayer group prayed for them.  Prayers, blessing and deliverance would be done for them immediately and daily.  If the feelings are based on witchcraft, the marriage would be off before the two weeks were over.  If their feelings are natural, their marriage would have a good Christian foundation.


edited: October 06, 2017