Fathers Day
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It is through our human fathers that we get our first notion of what God thinks and feels about us.  But they are just men, who often do a fair to bad job of representing God.  Here is God's Love Letter to you.  If you are a Christian, here is who you really are in Christ.

Satan and his forces are working hard to destroy good fathering through divorce, pornography, marital infidelity and workaholism.  Here are the consequences of a lack of fathering (physically or emotionally) in the home.  This is the source of atheism, sexual perversions, crime, violence, suicide and much drug addiction.

Men CAN represent God in a GOOD way by blessing their wives and children.  Here is the Power of the Father's Blessing.  You can also give them a Written Legacy, to help them when they are grown up.  Here is an organization to help you be a good father.

For myself, how do I fight my way out of my upbringing?  Here is a Father's Blessing you can give yourself.  If you find yourself fighting to keep from doing the evil your father did to you, there is a need to forgive him into the hands of God, to stop it.  That can be very hard.  The best method is called the four-part forgiveness

If the abuse and trauma you received keeps coming back to haunt you, come see one of our prayer counselors, who can invite God to heal the wounds through inner healing.  God is fast, with no side-effects!