Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Christian perspective on traumatic stress and its healing with Christian therapy

PTSD can be healed by Jesus Christ with Christian inner healing. I've done it many times.

Trauma Symptom Checklist

Our Christian understanding of PTSD:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is characterized by:
1)  Direct experience of an event that involves actual or threatened death or serious injury to yourself. This includes learning about such a thing happening to someone close to you.   This includes betrayal of trust, violation of body zone, etc. The person feels helpless and deeply threatened at a survival level.  Something happened that they didn't have control over and overwhelmed their conscious & emotional resources.
2)  There is a lack of social support to stop and safely deal with the memories through grief work.  There is a lack of other good memories to fall back on. Children have none. Trauma is repressed or suppressed to the subconscious instead.  The empowered subconscious is not Christian nor moral. It is vulnerable to demonic infestation that it can defend.
3)  The subconscious expresses it by:
  3.1)  re-experiencing of the trauma in the form of dreams, body sensations and waking thoughts.
  3.2)  being panicked, enraged or shut down by indirect reminders (paranoia).
  3.3)  reenacting the trauma unconsciously in metaphor or directly by using someone else in one of the roles.
  3.4)  emotional numbing to other life experiences and relationships causes an inability to relax and engage in recreation, leading to use of drugs and manic behavior to numb the trauma.
  3.5)  avoiding reminders in their environment (xenophobia).
  3.6)  regressive behaviors to an age prior to major trauma or resorting to drugs as an attempted escape.
  3.7)  forgiveness by the conscious mind does not stop the above. This can lead to bitterness and unforgiveness.
4)  Symptoms of autonomic instability, sleeplessness, depression and cognitive difficulties (such as poor concentration).
5)  Traumas are more apt to become a corporate PTSD in sick families where bad times are endemic and hidden as a habit.  No support is offered for recovery. Everyone acts out part of the PTSD. This is called "codependence."  This also happens on community, national and global levels.

If there was severe physical, sexual, psychological, or religious abuse suffered at an early age the resulting MPD (or DID) personality segments would hold the memory of that abuse. If they are led to Christ and fused without the memories they hold brought to light and healed in the traumatized person, that person will face unnecessary future difficulties in life, perhaps never being fully healed. (see MPD deliverance)

  Jesus Christ of Nazareth will come into these memories and heal them as you ask Him.  Rev. Dr. Ed Smith has devised a Christian program to do this.  I have adapted it into the following.

The essential points of ministering to a victim is this:
1. ask the person to read the above characterization of PTSD.
2. ask them to close their eyes and remember one of the situations this evoked. If this evoked a series of incidents ask them for a representative one to use. (don't tell us about it)
3. pray out loud: "I ask the True Lord Jesus to speak Truth into this memory."
4. wait a minute or two in silence.  They may suddenly become elated or they might feel like nothing happened.  If they want to share, that's up to them.  If they didn't feel anything, ask if the presenting problem (shame, rejection, defensiveness, depression, etc.) is still there.
5. This process can be repeated for other traumas.  
Note: do not mix counseling into this process or you could end up in legal trouble. Satan will try to get you to do this.

Be Blessed!

A new, experimental method of ministering is: Rejection-aid
Please give me feedback on your results with this:

last edited: April 19, 2017