Rejection Cause
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As social beings, we all need social contact, esteem and acceptance.  Babies and puppies without this will lose weight and die.  Neglect and abuse are socially damaging.  These are also passed down through the family tree unless society steps in with support. 

If social supports are unavailable due to regional trauma such as war, calamity, despotism or witchcraft, it is passed down through the society.  This is where Jesus and His teachings are so important to salvage a society by salvaging individuals.  The non-Christians who try to salvage society directly, gradually find the effort is turned destructive by individuals who have themselves been traumatized.

Sources of the Rejection:
abandonment.  This can be temporary.  It can be a result of adoption.
body language and careless or malicious words of ridicule, being berated, blamed, belittled, cursed or teased.
it can be done by peers, parents, pastors, spouse and even society.
acts that show low regard; sexual abuse, physical violence, being left behind.
Rejection Consequences:
internalizing other's low regard for you
overly large and contradictory guilt can lead to being controlled by others.
inferiority and self-absorption that is isolating. Being good considered more important than relationship.
doubt of God's love because of ungodly guilt.
no prospect of being loved - hopelessness & helplessness.
excess sleep
addictive substances or activities
creating a false, manic self that can function for a time.
defensiveness and rage
fear of the unexpected; paranoia
touchy - critical and judgmental, transfers their own faults to others.
hardness of heart, emotional shutdown - hiding the heart from further pain.

Here's two ways to deal with this situation:

  1. Healing through prayer
  2. Healing through Truth


edited:  April 19, 2017