Making Suspended Silver
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Here's my experiments with creating silver ions and nano-particles.

first colloid generator second colloid generator

I made a sophisticated generator, but I realized I needed to popularize a cheap & easy generator instead.  My second experiment was with an ion generator in the second picture.  It has ions and micro-sized particles that gradually conglomerate and sink to the bottom in a week. I used that insulator block to put a 22k ohm resistor in series, so the amperage wouldn't go above 1 milliamp.  

It turned yellow because that's the color of 560-590 nano-meter wavelength of light.  Much bigger than the 0.288 nano-meter silver atoms.  This shows conglomeration is occurring.  Single atoms of metallic silver are drawn to other silver atoms by Van Der Waals' force of attraction causing the atoms to form particles made up of many atoms.  Larger particles develop an electric double layer of ions surrounding the particle which cause a repelling charge to form.  A solution without ions would all conglomerate and sink to the bottom.  A strong solution of only ions would form compounds with anything available.

I read a large number of patents to see what I could borrow and give away for free.  Patent 8088193 was put on the books Jan. 3, 2012. They found that almost pure nano-particle silver could be made by wiping the positive electrode with a plastic brush and piping in ultrasonic noise. I realized that an aquarium air pump makes ultrasound when it makes tiny bubbles through one of those little stones. And bubbles could be used to wipe the positive electrode. I bought a small air pump (1.5 watt) for $11 with tubing and a stone for $3 and tried it out with my little 9 volt rig. I put a drilled silver dime behind the rock to weight it down and keep it from contamination. [2013, I found a 1/2" stainless steel nut works better and doesn't contaminate the brew] I put the jar on a towel so the vibrations wouldn't be transmitted to the table.

After 20 minutes, the electrodes were clear and there was no yellow. I left it running for a full hour, still nothing.  I checked it with my laser and ... there was silver suspended in that water. When I took the electrodes out, that positive electrode had very fine pits. Nano-particles can't be detected with a Total Dissolved Solids meter because they aren't dissolved.  Only ions are dissolved.  Parts per Million meters really are measuring total dissolved solids.  Rather than send it to a lab to be centrifuged, I just decided to guess.

The bubbler in action with a tiny air pump. Here's the whole rig in operation. After months, here's no color. It is high percentage nano-particles.

I took a sip of the new brew and it tasted like water. But gradually I got a metallic aftertaste on the back of my tongue. With silver ions, you immediately taste the metal. Not in this brew. It doesn't turn yellow. And an ounce of it solved my wife's digestive problem.  It solved a friend's gingivitis.  It solved my dog's hip joints.  It was put in a laceration that should have had stitches but didn't; the wound closed and left only a faint scar.  

Cautions: constantly using over a cup a day will cause your system to chelate out the excess silver - and other metals like iron.  Take ferrous sulfate pills occasionally, especially before you give blood. A half teaspoon of this strength a day is good maintenance. Keep it away from your eyes; it stings.  Dilute it to ten to one for that.

You need a battery checker to make sure the 9-volt batteries are still good if you use the resistor.  Check it once a year.

I bought some LM334 constant current chips and 68 ohm resisters to make a constant 1 milliamp current through the electrodes.  I supplied 36 volts to the circuit and the electrode voltage got up to 35.1 volts on distilled water.  Maxed out. To help the process, I dripped one drop of lemon juice into the bottle and the output voltage dived off to about 12 volts.  The citric acid was converted to silver citrate in about 30 minutes as the voltage (resistance) gradually climbed.  After that, the voltage (resistance) gradually dropped off.  I shut it off at about an hour after the voltage dropped off to 1/2 max.  All of this could be replaced with two 9-volt batteries.

It turns out the lemon juice stabilizes the silver colloid:

To get a similar result with just a resistor in series, a 12 gauge silver wire and a copper wire:

# 9-volt batteries resistor value
2 6K ohm
3 15k ohm
4 24k ohm

To make it cheaper, I now just use three batteries and 21k resistors from Radio Shack.  I use a copper wire on the left side to double the number of available silver electrodes for making pots.  But that means I have to pull the electrodes out before I unplug it. 

the fourth generator Making 1/2 gallon an hour

Sterling silver or plated silver eating utensils give you silver ions while you are eating. It's been used for this for centuries. But don't let outsiders see you doing this.

Here's a SUPER cheap generator when ragtime returns and silver price goes up 300 times.
This is a covert nano silver generator for small group use.  It looks like nothing, to hide the silver plate utensils.  But when someone gets sick, give him a yellow dipper half full by mouth to make him well again.

Why go to this much trouble?  Because the Marxists want to lord it over the proletariat (us) by rationing out medical care.  Silver reportedly  heals a large number of diseases that you would normally have to go to the doctor to cure.  Thus silver is enemy #1 for the Marxists.  The Marxists in England have already banned making suspended silver, to keep everyone half-sick and to force everyone to submit to their government authorized doctor/commissar.  President Obama wants to do the same to us in America with his "Health care" bill.

The strategic reserves of silver have all been sold off, to make it critical in an emergency. Private silver ownership could be outlawed in the future, as the price takes off for the moon.  At that point, making silver colloid would be an admission of guilt of owning silver.  Buying pure silver would be impossible, unless you live near Canada or Mexico.  See Bad Medicine

edited: April 19, 2017