Nano-silver Disinfectant
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For thousands of years, silver has been important for health.

Here's Silver colloid information

Therapeutic value of colloidal forms of Silver

120 year history of nanosilver (colloid) use

A Cure for Food Poisoning  :-)

Here's The Abbot's latest efforts at making silver colloid.

This is a summary of a New Zealand webpage on silver ions and nano-particles 

Here's several ways to make nano-silver particles

Silver colloid generators done cheaply. No good when silver price takes off  300 times.

Large doses of silver - results

Silver colloid generators on an otherwise New Age website.  "Test all things; hold fast that which is good."

An in depth research of silver in water.

        Using silver in a wound

Here's silver & nylon cloth in a bandage having great effect.

Silver ions in the treatment of local infections

Silver dressings augmented with a weak electrical current.

Silver bandages used for healing.        last updated:  April 19, 2017