Bill M.

My ministry to Bill M. started with his coming in to Christian Healing Ministries one Tuesday evening. He radiated demonic power.  I tried to break the curses, hexes and spells off him, but my peace returned to me. That was my clue that someone had put seals over the curses, to keep Christians from breaking them. I immediately broke the seals and curses in less than a minute. Suddenly I had a friend.  I took him on as a project.  For two years he had gone to all the deliverance ministers he could find in the U.S. with no results at all.  We were just about his last chance.

I quickly found out that curses were dripping off him onto anyone who helped him. I had to do the cut free prayer any time I came in contact with him, even on the phone. This intrigued me. Here was a counselor killer that was sticking around! This was my chance to figure out what made this kind of person tick.

He had to go back home to New Hampshire to renew his lawyer license. His nemesis that had enslaved him detected him while there and harassed him.

When he came back from New Hampshire, someone had found out I was successfully dealing with him. The cut free prayer didn’t work anymore. I was getting hammered with a spell of tunnel vision, deafness in my right ear and vertigo. It would come on in about five seconds, twenty minutes after talking with him. One time it started in a grocery store, so I asked the Lord what to do about it.  Through "Word of Knowledge", the Lord told me it was ‘incantations’. I broke ‘incantations’ and was instantly well.

When he came back from New Hampshire, he also had a quaking sensation in his belly. I gave him some blessed water to drink. This caused him to cough up green slime. It had been sorcery. The sensations happened again another time, so I gave him a piece of bread with blessed oil on it. That stopped the sensations.

Due to his problem of losing things that kept reappearing, I started to suspect an evil, alter personality. I bound the demon between his spirit & soul and cast it out. I was no longer attacked.

Meantime, Bill was getting inner healing through Gary B. by the Theophostic method.  He had had a really bad upbringing.

As Bill talked about his nemesis in New Hampshire, I realized his nemesis was into Santeria. After looking up Santeria on the internet, I got the list of demon gods. Through Word of Knowledge, I heard from the Lord that the problem was the worship given to the demons by humans that kept the demons from being cast out. These dudes were offering ‘incantations’ to their demons.

I wrote up a clean-up sheet for him to go through while in a session with Gary B. He went through it right there. For a couple of the demon names, he had a little difficulty saying their names. When he was done, he declared he was almost entirely free and normal.

He wanted to get his stuff from a very occultic center in Texas that his nemesis had sold him to. I felt he was in shape to do so, with his anti-witchcraft sheet and Santeria cleanup sheet. "Just don’t let anyone lay hands on you and stay away from the center" were my last words to him.

When he came back, he was a mess. They had somehow influenced him to visit the center. He somehow couldn’t physically move his own boxes and furniture into a U-Haul. The woman he was staying with offered to move everything if she could lay hands on him. He consented. That was the moment numerous curses came upon him.

His belongings either had curse talismans in them or had been loaded as curse charms. It was a long trip back.

He was stalked by someone in a white Lincoln Navigator all the way from Texas. Obviously not a private eye.  When we met at a rendezvous point, I saw the Navigator appear, come into the parking lot, turn around and leave. I bound all Satanic communication over their lives.  They lost their ability to track him.

I cleaned up some of the belongings and some of him. But what were they using? With Word of Knowledge, the Lord told me that they had direct access to him through permissions he had given them when he had lived there. (If you obey someone you are submitting to them through their advice. Indirectly, you are submitting to whoever they are submitted to, too.)

I had him declare, "I renounce the devil and all his ways & advice, direct or indirect, through________." He did this for all of the occultists he had obeyed. This broke all the personal back doors and freed him up.

About this time, he decided to leave us and be totally incognito. Just as well. I daily got a phone call from his housekeeper in Texas, using all sorts of excuses. I have to do a cut free prayer after talking with her. I’m cleaning her up. After a couple of months of this, I finally told her that Bill M. was long gone & I didn't know where.

Bill still has an alter personality they created, but it is disarmed & disempowered. I can only pray that he stays invisible to occultists.