Source of Evil
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Source of Evil

Victory Point is a HUD housing project in Jacksonville. It is known for breeding a lot of criminals. A friend of mine, Al Barlow, goes in offering food, sharing the gospel and casting out demons.

In going door-to-door, Al discovered a witch in the project. She told him her story. She had been a Christian. Things in her life started falling apart. She went to her pastor for help. He told her to believe and everything would work out. Her life further collapsed. The lame Christianity she knew failed her. So she went to witchcraft for protection and provision.

Her demons are the main source of evil in this housing project. Other sources are the idols and charmed objects in the flea market across the street from this project. One of the three churches nearby has been contaminated with occult influence and was affecting the neighborhood.

edited:  April 19, 2017