Divine & Demonic
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I had a woman come to me complaining about nightmares, panic attacks, numerous ailments and general weakness.  A lot of this was symptoms of occult attack.  Her husband, however didn't have any of these problems.  She said that they had become Christians several years before, but her husband was only part way there.  He didn't see any difference between divine spiritual power and demonic spiritual power.  We suspected her husband being the source of the trouble, despite his love for her.

We invited him in and asked him as the head of the house to pray for her, while we laid hands on him and prayed through him.  As he prayed, we offered deliverance and prayer for both of them and their properties.  When we were done, she felt great relief.  She wrote a note later to thank us.

However, a couple of years later, I was visiting another exorcist when they showed up there.  She was complaining about the same things.  Her husband had recharged all his idols & charms and was using them, intending to help his wife.  This exorcist didn't bother with the husband who he recognized as the problem.  He gave a little prayer for the wife and sent them on their way.  I never heard from them again.

My sister is in the occult and loves me.  When she blesses me, I have to fight off all the demons she sends.  When I pray for her or bless her, it jams her up because of the collision between the divine & demonic.

I recall reading an account of a transcedental meditator whose group were tired of chanting "Om."  They tried meditating on Ghandi and then Lincoln.  Later someone said, "let's meditate on Jesus Christ."  When they tried to say the name, "Jesus," they couldn't.  A couple of the group forced through the resistance and started chanting "Jesus."  When they opened themselves up to Jesus, they felt this strange peace.  Everyone else quit and went home.  That was the end of the group.  These people who had succeeded felt themselves drawn to go to church.  They had become Christians....


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