Demonizing The World
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As spiritual mappers have become aware of the ley line networks and started taking efforts to shut them down, Satan is changing tactics again. 

Planet Earth itself can be charmed by occultists.  The Buddhists have 'blessed' mother earth with demons for centuries.  Shamans have 'blessed' nature and mother earth for centuries.  The witches' source of power & worship is earth, air, fire and water.

What do they mean by mother earth?  Certainly any scientist can tell you the itself planet is no more 'alive' than an asteroid.  Several miles down, the environment is too hot for physical life.  Satan has deceived them into pumping demons into the ground and the underground water, to be used as a reservoir of occult power.  These reservoirs of demons underground affect those who live over them, forming a stronghold of influence.

Occultists can use these demon reservoirs for curses, hexes, spells and 'blessings.'  In fact, the power from these reservoirs can be piped up and sent down a demonic pipeline called a "ley line" across the surface.  These ley lines are created by witches and shamans, and found on all continents.  Washington, D.C. is crisscrossed with ley lines generated by Freemasons. 

The most famous ley line is the Beltane/St. Michaels Ley Line.  Please note that churches were deliberately built upon the ley line.  We don't know if ex-witch Christians did so to neutralize it or Christian counterfeits did so as a front for their occult efforts.

The Mystical Arts of Tibet, which is being brought into Grand Forks by the Multicultural Department of the UND, is a world tour co-produced by Richard Gere Productions and Drepung Loseling Institute, the North American Seat of Drepung Loseling Monastery is endorsed by the Dalai Lama and under the direct guidance of the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India.  Tibetan monks take time off from their life of contemplation and study to present their sacred music, dance and art through this outlet.

 This art includes a “Sand Mandala” which is millions of grains of colored sand painstakingly laid into place over a period of days or weeks.  Buddhists create the Mandala to re-consecrate the earth and heal its inhabitants.  When it is finished, the Mandala is destroyed as a symbol of the impermanence of all that exists.  The colored sands are swept up and often poured into a nearby river or stream, where the water carries the “healing energy” throughout the world.  This has the potential to release of demonic influence of huge proportion, or the inviting of such into a region, by pouring the sand into the river.  These demons have been empowered by the human efforts of the monks, making them more tenacious.

We don't have to bother with the ley lines.  They are merely pipelines.

What we need to do is:

drive the demons out of the underground and water.
drive the demons out of those who are infecting these with demons.
pray for salvation for these people.
Give Christian blessings to the ground, the water and the air around us.


last updated: 04/19/2017