Prayer Hours
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"You have not because you ask not," is in the letter of James.  The father of lies is vitally interested in distracting us from effective prayer.  In Physics, they teach "quality times quantity equals power."  This is also true in spiritual terms.  Our sacrifice of praise and our prayers to God are infinitely valuable -- when they are offered up. 

The religions of Hinduism, witchcraft, Buddhism, Satanism, Islam, Gnosticism, Shamanism, etc., depend upon mere rebel angels for answers to their prayer and sacrifices.  They compensate for the lack of power by their lords by their large quantity of prayer and sacrifices.  Hindus will pray three hours a day.  Muslims will pray five or six times a day.  All these prayers and sacrifices stand until countered by other prayers and sacrifices.  Demonic prayers to counter demonic prayers will not be answered, of course.  All these demonic prayers will only further strengthen Satan's power.

Christian prayers to Jehovah through Jesus Christ of Nazareth and, to a lesser extent,  Jewish prayers to Jehovah are the only way to counter the demonic influence caused by all these other religions.  The sample prayer that Jesus gave us starts with:  "Our Father (God) who art in heaven, hallowed by your Name (character and attributes).  May Your kingdom come and Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven."  This is praying for our world, our society around us.  Our personal welfare is partly contingent upon our society.

Our prayers need:

aim -- We must not only pray in general for God's kingdom on earth, but also pray especially for those areas on earth that Satan is targeting.  Look at schools, colleges, news media, medicine, advertising, music, etc.  Pray blessings for those who persecute you or your prayer topics.
diversity -- our prayers should cover as many different topics as possible.  This keeps Satan's forces on the defensive.
abundance --  Be faithful in praying frequently for what the Lord leads you.  Get accountability.  

The Order of Saint Patrick has a rule of prayer every eight hours, starting at 6 and ending at 10.

First Hour 6 A.M.
Eighth Hour 2 P.M.
Sixteenth Hour 10 P.M.

The Catholic Monastic movement has a rule of prayer every three hours, starting at 6 and ending at midnight.

Nocturnes midnight
Matins 3 A.M.
First Hour 6 A.M.
Third Hour 9 A.M.
Sixth Hour noon
Ninth Hour 3 P.M.
Vespers 6 P.M.
Compline 9 P.M.