Idols and Charms
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Do you have any idols in your life?  No, I mean real idols.  Idols from demonic religions are so demonized, they affect Christians.  The same is true for charms.

I have had to minister to many Christians who were sick, discouraged and/or paranoid, because there were idols and charms in their house or workplace.  Many people prayed for these people, but they wouldn't recover until these demonized objects were dealt with.  Deliverance was done for these Christians, but they couldn't get out from under the oppression -- because it was not they who were the source of the demons.

A quick solution to the problem is what the Christians did in Acts 19:19: "And a number of those who practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all;..."  Idols can be broken.  Sacred trees can be chopped down.

Many times, though, it's not so easy.  It could be a giant sacred boulder.  It could be a corner stone to a building.  It could be buried under a house.  It could belong to someone else, like your parents or a co-worker.

What Satan's forces can make, God's forces can break.  We can clean up demonized objects, just like we can clean up demonized people.  See my page on Spiritual Cleanup.

Charms are demonized to be used for their effect on behalf of the owner or wearer.

Anything can be charmed with demons.  In Santeria and Voodoo, they use the statues of Catholic saints as idols, to represent their demon gods.  I had a Reiki master give me a 10-dollar bill that just about made me ill.  A closet Shaman, pretending to be a Christian, gave our church a stack of Bibles that had been charmed.  Innocent-looking jewelry can be charmed.  Crosses can be charmed.

The best way to deal with charmed objects around us is to do a general cleanup of "any idols and charms that I own or may be affecting me."  Run this through the Spiritual Cleanup page.  If we innocently or otherwise accepted a charm, we need to confess it as coming from Sin and renounce it.