Life of a Saint Today
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A saint trusts Jesus, not the world.
A saint puts their faith in God, not in possessions.
A saint is filled with the Spirit, not with spirits.
A saint loves all, not just their friends.
A saint forgives all, and never seeks revenge.
A saint is humble and avoids pride.
A saint generously gives and avoids greed.
A saint feeds the hungry and avoids gluttony.
A saint remains sexually pure and avoids lust.
A saint works hard and avoids laziness.
A saint is content with what they have and with who they are, and avoids envy.
A saint is patient, never in a hurry.
A saint is kind, never rude.
A saint rejoices in the truth, never lies.
A saint protects those who are weak, even those who are hard to be around.
A saint perseveres, never gives in to persecution.
A saint gives thanks always in all circumstances, not just when things are going right.
A saint is full of joy and never complains.
A saint lives a life of love.

by the Rev. Gary R. Blaylock
written during a time of prayer