Satan people
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Satanic ritual abuse of people

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The personalities of these people are fractured numerous times by torture, drugs and hypnosis.  They may be recruited to help do this to others with delusions of grandeur, power or secret knowledge for the elite.

Some personalities are for control, some are to cause suicide if they spill the beans or not check back in with their handlers in a certain amount of time.  Some personalities are to do things the presenting personality doesn't know how to do.  Some personalities aren't human -- but demon.

They are coerced to do terrible things through these personality splits and then told they can't possibly be saved by Jesus, to keep them from Christians who can save & heal them.

I watched a Christian who had gifts of healing in this area merge these personality fragments one every five minutes -- something no doctor could do.  The presenting personality incorporated the strengths of these personalities.

Personality fragmentation was discovered by the Nazis as they systematically tortured Jews.  The technology was then passed along to the Satanists when the Third Reich was defeated.  Satanism has spread this evil around the world. 

These people are often planted in churches to contaminate the spiritual climate of the services with their demons.  One minor personality can become a Christian, to be brought forward when around Christians.  This means we can pray for God to strengthen this Christian fragment to become prominent and seek help.  There are a few Christian counselors who can distangle this conglomeration of personalities and demons -- no non-Christian counseling can touch it.  They need to pray to God to connect them with the real thing.  A lot of these Christian counselors have come out of this nightmare and want to help others.