The Five Front War
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We are involved in spiritual warfare for the kingdom of God.
We are involved in ideological warfare to render us fruitless.
We are involved in a emotional warfare for the sentiments of our children and neighbors.
We are involved with turf warfare.
We are involved in political warfare.

In Spiritual warfare,
1. we have been on the defensive which is a net losing position. I have saved two churches that came under major occult attack by prayer & deliverance of the property, the "brethren" and whoever was working or conspiring against them (and their property).
2. Since our churches' front door is always open, we need regular prayer & deliverance for everyone who steps on the property -- and their property (to shut down any charmed objects). Cover anyone who has been there over the last two months. As you continue this, you may be surprised at who leaves, who gets ill and who starts coming around. Pray for them all and let God sort them out!

In ideological warfare,
1. we have disobeyed the Bible in not being wise as serpents, yet as innocent as doves. There are people who get themselves promoted to positions of prominence in a church through guile and witchcraft. A secret shaman can get hired as a church secretary. A visitor can say, "here, let me pray for you" and lay a demonized hand on your shoulder. An agent can come into a room & quickly hug everyone, to shut down discerning of spirits. (This is all personal experience.)
2. We desperately need the knowledge gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discernment of spirits and the combo gift of tongues & interpretation. We can't possibly outwit Satan, Inc. on our own understanding. Those gifts are available by asking for them. I know; I have.

In emotional warfare,
1. Hollywood can make us shun the gospel, healing prayer and deliverance by associating them with "yuck" and "stupid" and "wacko".
2. Television shows and computer games can get kids to identify with violent characters and occultists.

In turf warfare,
1. The Loseling Monastery Buddhist monks are "blessing mother earth" (pumping demons into the ground) to influence people toward Buddhism. So are witches, shamans, freemasons, etc. Those demons remain there forever or until a Christian tells those demons to go to where the True Lord Jesus would send you.
2. I devised a drive-by prayer sheet for shutting down those territorial demons and blessing the land. It works. I have used it for communities and for churches.

Lastly is political warfare,
If you lose the prior battles, you've lost this one no matter how you vote or protest.

Our enemy knows how to mix the above strategies for more effectiveness, like the person who uses witchcraft to get promoted in ecclesiastical circles.

edited: April 19, 2017