Prayer for Children
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Our Children are under special attack when they are most impressionable, most vulnerable and have most of their lives ahead of them.  This is just as valid for a one year-old as an eighteen year-old. Here is the prayer:

"For these children, their friends and their social contacts.
For all their families, properties and environments.
For anyone who would work or conspire to influence or harm them.

By the authority of Jesus we command any unclean spirits to leave all these people and things.
Heavenly Father, we ask you to bless all these people with your presence and truth.  We ask you to bring them to salvation and sanctification.

May these children be blessed in all they undertake. May they be blessed with food, clothes, shelter and protection from the Evil one and his allies. May they grow in wisdom and respect before God and their peers.

May they be protected from sickness, from physical harm, from seduction, from verbal assault and from accidents. May they grow in faith, hope, love and obedience. May they be known as Oaks of Righteousness and Love."