Freeze Defense
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In Luke 4:28 through 30, Jesus was attacked by a mob that intended to kill him.  When they took him to the edge of a cliff, Jesus just walked through their midst and went his way.  What happened??  The mob no longer held him.  They no longer could do anything against him.  They all watched him walk through their midst and walk away.  They were frozen.  All the miracles Jesus did were actually done by the Holy Spirit -- who we Christians have as well.

I have seen this done with a Christian who was demonized.  As a group prayed for her, she fell out of her chair and started thrashing.  The men in the group tried to hold her down, but she threw them off.  Suddenly, she got up and started running for the door.  "In the name of Jesus stop!" yelled the leader.  She froze mid stride.  Her head slowly turned around.  The face was not human.  We successfully cast the demon out.  This happened at Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida.

In the book, The Cross and the Switchblade, Nicky Cruz told of becoming a Christian and quitting his gang.  He prayed for God to hold the rest of the gang members, because quitting the gang was an automatic death sentence.  He walked through their midst and went his way.  They later said that they had their weapons out but couldn't move.

When Israel was born, the Arabs surrounding it attacked the Jewish enclave.  The Jews were poorly armed and few in number compared to the Arab armies.  Derek Prince's first wife, Lydia Prince, prayed, "Lord, paralyze the Arabs!"  The Jews won the conflict, which was a miracle in itself.  But word came back from the Jewish soldiers that the Arabs had been powerless to do anything against them, as if they were paralyzed.  This account comes from Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting by Derek Prince.

All Christians can do this.  Now there may be a time the Lord wants you to suffer along with Christ.  The apostle Paul prayed for God to stop the thorn in his side (personal persecution), but God refused this time. He had to learn to depend upon the Lord for all things.  He had been getting too self-sovereign.

When a situation presents itself, quickly check for God's peace on if it is okay to do this.  With confirmation, you can command them to freeze.